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Zac Efron Lands High-Flying Kick In First A24 Wrestling Movie Image

Zac Efron takes off in the first The Iron Claw image from his upcoming A24 wrestling movie, starring as Kevin Von Erich.

Zac Efron has shared a first photo of himself in action as the real-life wrestler Kevin Von Erich from the upcoming A24 movie The Iron Claw. Written and directed by Canadian filmmaker Sean Durkin, the story of The Iron Claw revolves around the Von Erich family and their era of massive success in the 1960s when they took the world of professional wrestling by storm. The upcoming project was first announced last June, with Efron being the first actor to jump on board, then development quickly accelerated as the remaining cast was finalized in October.


Photos of Efron’s stunning physical transformation to portray Kevin Von Erich have been doing the rounds online lately, but the image shown above marks the first official still released from the film. This is not the first time that the High School Musical star has undergone a drastic physical change for a role as he had also beefed up his physique for 2017 Baywatch, to which he has indicated that he has endured depression as a result. However, The Iron Claw presented the again 17 star faced a much more difficult challenge, as he had to embody a true sports figure known for his muscular build and intimidating stature. While the real-life Kevin Von Erich has never met Efron, he recently gave his approval for the actor’s near-accurate look in the film, stating that he “looked great.

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utilities, Zac Efron has dropped a brand new image, a first look at himself as the iconic wrestler Kevin Von Erich from the upcoming A24 movie The Iron Claw. The image shows Efron’s impressive new physique as he delivers a knockout flying kick to an opponent in the wrestling ring. Check out the image above:

Everything we know so far about The Iron Claw from A24

baby driver and Pam & Tommy actress Lily James will star opposite Efron in a currently undisclosed role, and many believe she will play Ehrlich’s wife, Pam Adkisson. The couple joins in The Iron Claw by a supporting cast that includes: The bear and shameless star Jeremy Allen White and The King’s Man‘s Harris Dickinson as Kevin’s brothers Kerry and David, respectively, with the affair‘s Maura Tierney portraying their mother Doris Von Erich, and mindhunter‘s Holt McCallany takes on the role of Fritz Von Erich, a pro wrestler, three-time world champion and patriarch of the highly successful wrestling dynasty Von Erich. While The Iron Claw Said to revolve around the Von Erich’s rise to a dominant era of championship-winning success, the film is also set to chronicle the equally rapid yet tragic demise of the famed American family outside the ring, leaving Kevin the only surviving son of Fritz was.

Since the film’s early promotional material seems to focus only on Efron’s character, it is increasingly likely that the film will be told solely from Kevin’s perspective. A release date for The Iron Claw has yet to be announced, but the film is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2023. The image of Efron shown above further proves that he is the right man for the role and will undoubtedly raise expectations for the film. The public can expect a realistic look at the life of the iconic figure when The Iron Claw finally makes its debut.

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