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Wonder Woman 4 Teased By Patty Jenkins Before Third DCEU Movie Releases

Director Patty Jenkins teases the possibility of Wonder woman 4, despite filming on Wonder Woman 3 has yet to start. Joined the DC Extended Universe in 2016 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Gadot’s Wonder Woman, aka Diana Prince, has already established her position as one of the DCEU’s heavy hitters. Her two standalone appearances, Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984, have had great success with their 2017 and 2020 releases respectively.


While the public reception of Wonder Woman 1984 was slightly less favorable compared to that of its predecessor, it was not long before confirmation came that Wonder Woman 3 was in the works, and Jenkins would return one more time to complete her trilogy. While details all around Wonder Woman 3 were scarce, minor updates have been provided sporadically by both the director and Gadot himself, with both expressing their mutual excitement to continue Diana’s story. Earlier this year, Gadot shared that: Wonder Woman 3 could begin filming sometime in 2023, though an official timeline for the film’s production or release has yet to be confirmed.

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During a recent appearance on Matera Film FestivalJenkins opened up about how each Wonder Woman film has fueled her desire to continue Diana’s story, despite initially only planning to make one film. As she confirms that she now has a completed script for Wonder Woman 3, the director said this trend had continued, as she is now interested in exploring Diana’s story beyond the events of this third installment. Jenkins was quick to add that she has a number of other projects in the pipeline that she also enjoys working on, although this quick tease of the possibility of Wonder Woman 4 did not go unnoticed. Check out Jenkins’ full quote below.

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And so where I said I’d only do one, oh my god, I’ve got to do two. And then I find myself saying, ‘Oh my god, I don’t feel like doing three.’ And so, even now, I say, “That’s it,” because I always plan an arc of three films. There is a story that runs through these three different movies as a whole. But even now I was writing the final scene of Wonder Woman 3 last week and I thought, I might be interested to see what happens next. So you will never know. They’ve been asking us to think of ways to do more and it happens by accident. But you’ll never know. I have many other movies that I would like to do as well. And I like Gal Gadot, so that makes it better too.

Why Wonder Woman 4 is inevitable

Given the success of the previous Wonder Woman movies, it’s likely that DC is far from done exploring Diana Prince’s story, despite the fact that former chairman of Warner Bros. Toby Emmerich previously said that Wonder Woman 3 will serve as the finale of Gadot and Jenkins’ “long plannedWonder Woman trilogy. This isn’t the first time Jenkins has teased that she has more stories in mind about how Diana’s story might continue after the events of Wonder Woman 3While similar to these new comments, Jenkins has also previously stated that these may or may not happen under her direction. Jenkins’ passion for Wonder Woman has largely become apparent over the years, and coupled with the vast back catalog of comics that could serve as inspiration for future films, the official confirmation of Wonder Woman 4 could just be a matter of time.

While the news that Jenkins is already toying with the idea of Wonder Woman 4 While not necessarily a big shock to some, many will probably be happy that the DCEU can continue Diana’s story beyond the originally planned trilogy. While this can’t be taken as any form of official confirmation at this point, it’s exciting to see Jenkins’ passion for the character hasn’t waned as she now nears production on her third birthday. Wonder Woman installment. It remains to be seen what exactly? Wonder Woman 3 Before Diana has in store, there’s still some time to go before the audience finds out whether the movie will wrap up Diana’s story for good, or stage a future performance for this beloved hero.

Source: Matera Film Festival

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