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Will Smith Shares Celebrity-Filled Picture From Screening Of New Movie

Will Smith throws a screening party for his new movie Emancipation, which features many celebrities and performers, who may well bring his career back.

Will Smith shared a new Instagram photo of his showing of Emancipation with numerous celebrities in attendance. Ever since Will Smith shockedly punched Chris Rock at the Academy Awards earlier this year, the future of his acting career has been uncertain. After the incident, many of Smith’s films, such as Fast and loose and Bad Boys 4, were put on hold. His starring role in Antoine Fuqua’s latest film, Emancipation, was still scheduled for release this year, with no plans for delays. This came to fruition earlier this month with the release of the official Apple TV trailer and an announcement from Smith’s Instagram page.


Since the Academy Award incident, celebrities have defended and condemned his actions. Comedian Dave Chapelle, a close friend of Chris Rock, stated that the incident made Will take off his “perfect personality” and showed that he is just as ugly as everyone else. Rapper ASAP Rocky stated that he is a fan of Will and that his actions most likely stemmed from built-up anger and were not intended to be aimed at Chris. Actor Tyler Perry said Smith’s actions were wrong and he made sure to tell Will in person. Many other celebrities, such as Chris Rock, refuse to accept his apology and condemn him for his actions.

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Will Smith has a new one Instagram photo of his display of Emancipation with his many famous friends. Dave Chapelle, Rihanna, ASAP Rocky, Tyler Perry and Kenya Barris were in attendance. Some attendees have reposted the photos from the event to their accounts. Tyler Perry posted the image with a caption saying this conversation was one for the history books. Corey Smyth’s post of the event had a caption that noted that the photo only tells half the story and that he was happy to be a part of such a great moment. Kenya Barris also spoke about this conversation, saying it was the effect of anything and everything they do as creatives hope.

Emancipation releases in select theaters on December 2 and premieres on Apple TV+ on December 9. The film has seen significant setbacks as a result of the Academy Awards incident. It was initially intended to be filmed in Georgia, but Fuqua decided to move the film set to Louisiana due to Georgia’s controversial new Election Integrity Act. Apple TV also reportedly wanted to push the film’s release to 2023 and was still debating whether to release the film this year as late as September.

Apple TV decision to release Emancipation this year is a bold move that has been carefully considered. They have to release the film to qualify for award nominations, but it could come at the cost of their reputation due to Will Smith’s incident with Chris Rock earlier this year. However, the decision could benefit Smith as it could get his career back on track after a period of uncertainty. The support of many celebrities who want to show it publicly is also a key point in the restoration of Smith’s character and reputation, enabling him to move forward.

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Source: Will Smith / Instagram

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