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Why Werewolf by Night Director Isn’t Helming MCU’s Blade Reboot

Werewolf by Night director Michael Giacchino explains why he won’t be leading the MCU’s Blade reboot, while also sending his support to the team.

On the heels of the film’s delay, Werewolf at night Director Michael Giacchino Explains Why He Won’t Control The Marvel Cinematic Universes Sheet Restart. Mahershala Ali is expected to lead the cast of the upcoming film as Eric Brooks, a man born as a half-vampire daywalker, also known as a dhampir, who uses his superhuman abilities to rid the world of all vampires. Although originally written by guards alum Stacy Amma Osei-Kuffour, Ali is currently participating in rewrites alongside Beau DeMayo.


The MCU recently started diving into the supernatural side of Marvel Comics with the help of Werewolf at night, the recently released Halloween special that introduces Gael García Bernal’s titular creature, as well as the powerful Man-Thing and iconic monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone. Marvel executives Kevin Feige and Brian Gay have both confirmed that the special is just the beginning of monsters in the franchise that, combined with the recent introduction of Moon Knight, has left many hopeful for an adaptation of the Midnight Suns for the MCU. With the MCUs Sheet reboot currently looking for a new director, a recent filmmaker involved with the franchise has confirmed he will not be taking charge of film.

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While appearing on the Phase Zero podcast for the Disney+ special, Michael Giacchino talked about the chances he could potentially help the MCUs Sheet Restart. The Werewolf at night director debunked the possibility that he would sign up for the project, mainly citing his busy schedule as the reason why he couldn’t do so. Check out what Giacchino explained below:

I mean, look, I like Blade. I think that’s a great, great character. It’s one of my favorites. But I feel like that thing is already moving in a way like, and I’m moving for other things too, and there’s just… It’s a whole… you know. Timing wise, it’s just a little crazy. So I have a feeling, you know… I want it to be a great movie. I want it to be a great movie because that character really deserves it. But yeah, right now, I mean, no.

Blade’s MCU reboot development issues explained

SheetThe MCU reboot of the MCU has now been more than three years in the making, with Marvel officially announcing development at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con with Ali to star, though it was unclear at the time whether it was a movie or would be a Disney+ series . Since then, the film has slowly but surely come to grips with its development, leading Osei-Kuffour to write the script in early 2021, while Bassam Tariq was initially hired to direct a few months later, but only recently left before the production start date. in Nov. Due to the sudden exit, Marvel has been delayed since then Sheet from its original 2023 release date to September 2024, as they continue to search for a new director and rewrite with the help of Ali.

Considering Giacchino helped introduce the MCU to the world of monsters with Werewolf at nightUnderstandably, some think he’s a prime candidate to drive the MCUs Sheet Restart. While the Halloween special proved that his talents don’t just lie in the world of music composition, it may ultimately turn out for the best. Giacchino doesn’t direct the film, instead leaving the door open for a filmmaker of color to take the beloved dhampir to the MCU instead. While the audience waits for who will direct the MCUs Sheet reboot, they can now re-watch Wesley Snipes’ original trilogy on Hulu.

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