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Why Selma Blair Is Confident About Legally Blonde 3

As the film’s development lingers, Selma Blair remains confident in Legal Blonde 3his chances. Reese Witherspoon is the face of the comedy film franchise as Elle Woods, a sorority girl who works to get her ex-boyfriend back by enrolling in Harvard in the first film, then fights stereotypes against blonde women and completely shuns her ex. in finding someone else. Due to the critical and commercial success of the first film, a sequel was ordered with Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blondewhich scored generally negative reviews for its repetitive jokes, but was a blockbuster, grossing over $124 million against its $45 million production budget.


With the sequel’s disappointing performance compared to its predecessor, the legal blonde franchise went to sleep after the 2003 movie, apart from the poorly received direct-to-video spin-off legal blondes in 2009 focused on Elle’s British twin cousins. The rumblings of a new movie began in 2018 when Witherspoon struck up talks with MGM for a Legal Blonde 3, which was initially slated for a May 2020 release, but suffered multiple delays due to behind-the-scenes creative changes. Now that more than two years have passed from when the public would see Elle’s return, an original franchise actor shares her thoughts on Legal Blonde 3long development.

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In a recent interview with Entertainment tonightSelma Blair was asked for an update on the highly anticipated Legal Blonde 3. While noting that she still doesn’t know if she’ll be back for the film, she shared her confidence in the sequel’s getting off the ground, citing Witherspoon’s drive to get it just right. See what Blair said below:

Reese really loves it, you know, she loves her fans, and she loves that movie and it’s so much fun. I know she said see [Top Gun:] Maverick and what a nostalgia that was, and it’s like — we need to bring back Legally Blonde. [I have] no idea [if I’ll be back]but i explain.

Who else can return for Legally Blonde 3?

Of Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde After ending on an open note with Witherspoon’s Elle and Luke Wilson’s Emmett now married and deciding where they want to live, the door seems very open for a number of previous franchise actors to return. Wilson himself has remained convinced of his potential Legal Blonde 3 returning, similar to Blair in that Witherspoon will likely only agree to continue with the sequel if the script feels appropriate for returning. Witherspoon also teased in late 2021 that Jennifer Coolidge’s Paulette will be a key player in the new film’s story, which many legal blonde fans are hoping for what’s to come from the sequel.

One of the biggest votes of confidence the public has had for a potential Legal Blonde 3 is Reese Witherspoon’s wish for the film to reach the same level of success as this year Top Gun: Maverick. Considering the Tom Cruise sequel has been hailed for both honoring and elevating its classic predecessor, Witherspoon’s goal to deliver an equally worthy follow-up would keep fans in the loop until details about the production finally emerge. In the meantime, the public can watch the first two again legal blonde movies streaming on Prime Video now.

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