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Why Sam Claflin Didn’t Return For Enola Holmes 2 Explained By Director

Enola Holmes 2 actor Sam Claflin is not present in the sequel for one reason, the director explains. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series is a well-known literary classic that has spawned many on-screen adaptations and spin-offs. Young Adult Novel Series Enola Holmes by Nancy Springer is one such spin-off, which gives Sherlock a younger sister with her own skills and ambitions to become a detective. Featuring a star-studded cast including Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin and Helena Bonham Carter, the Netflix film debuted in 2020 and offered those stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic a charming new movie experience via streaming.


Enola Holmes received critical acclaim and became a huge critical success, which combined with the various source material novels almost guaranteed a Netflix sequel. In May 2021, the streaming giant made it official, bringing Brown back as a star and producer alongside writer Jack Thorne and director Harry Bradbeer. While Cavill, Carter and even Louis Partridge will reprise their roles in the sequel, Claflin is noticeably absent from the cast. Although his character Mycroft, the oldest of the Holmes siblings, was Enola’s guardian in the first film, towards the end the titular character became Sherlock’s ward. However, Mycroft is an important part of their group dynamic, leaving viewers wondering why the character won’t appear in the sequel.

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During a conversation with collider, Bradbeer clarified that Claflin’s absence from… Enola Holmes 2 was purely due to scheduling issues. Those hoping to see Claflin in a possible future Enola Holmes film can take heart from its comment that “[we] absolutely love him, and we would love to have him again,” meaning Mycroft wasn’t completely written out of the movie. Check out what he had to say below:

Well, it was Sam’s schedule that became very clear, so Sam wouldn’t be in it… We were very sorry that Sam couldn’t be there. If there was a future, we’d love to have it back. But those were just the practicalities of life. However, that then meant that we had to focus on Sherlock then, which has some advantages in that sense and it becomes a sharp pencil if you want. You just have to work with that particular relationship. It was supposed to be about Sherlock and Enola and getting together. So I think having fewer pieces is a blessing because you can do more with what you have.

Why Claflin’s absence of Enola Holmes 2 is best?

The trailers and marketing for Enola Holmes 2 have centered on the dynamic between Enola and Sherlock, which appears to have been largely driven by Claflin’s absence based on Bradbeer’s comments. This shift in focus from the trio of siblings who collided in the first film, to the collaboration between Enola and Sherlock, is a completely organic development after the events of Enola Holmes, in which Sherlock took custody of Enola, leaving her free to pursue her own business. After solving her first mystery in Enola Holmes, the eponymous character will solve her first case as a detective in Enola Holmes 2, looking to start her own agency and leave her mark on Victorian London.

While it’s likely neither sibling will be happy that their affairs are related based on the tension between Enola and her brothers in the first film, she and Sherlock managed to break up with each other by the end of the film. shoot, and it will be a treat to see the two bond further in the sequel. The early reviews seem to agree, with critics pointing to the chemistry between Brown and Cavill and the charming development of the relationship between Enola and Sherlock as the film’s pinnacle. The public can see how the couple communicates for themselves when: Enola Holmes 2 will be released on Netflix on November 4.

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