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Why Rob Zombie Hasn’t Watched New Halloween Movies

Director Rob Zombie tells why he hasn’t seen David Gordon Green’s new one Halloween trilogy. Zombie first rose to prominence in the music world as a founding member of White Zombie before becoming a solo artist with the release of Hellbilly Deluxe in 1998. He then turned his love of horror into a new career path as a director, debuting with House of 1000 corpses in 2003, which he also wrote. Zombie followed that up two years later with a sequel called The Devil’s Rejections.


After his first two films, Zombie was tapped to write and direct a reboot of Halloweenwhich was released in 2007. His Halloween was a decidedly darker, grittier film with Scout Taylor-Compton taking on the roles of Laurie Strode, Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Loomis, and Tyler Mane, who is six feet tall, like Michael Myers. Critics and some viewers didn’t. I didn’t like Zombie’s take on the material, but it found an audience and was successful enough to warrant a sequel. Halloween II, was released in 2009 and was even less well received than its previous entry. The sequel also missed at the box office, ending Zombie’s tenure with the franchise.

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Zombie went to Facebook to get a . to share Halloween meme, which features a man who says the director screwed up the franchise in 2007, with the same image below it and now it says he saved the franchise from 2022 onwards. The meme pokes fun at David Gordon Green’s lackluster reception Halloween ends, with Zombie admitting he hasn’t seen any of the new movies. Elaborating a little further, he reveals that the experience of making his Halloween movies “burned me out” on the franchise. Check out Zombie’s post on Halloween above.

Why Rob Zombie’s Halloween Movies Were Hard To Make

Zombie’s time to make his two Halloween films was marred by constant interference from the producers. Dimension Films was behind the reboots, with Bob and Harvey Weinstein in charge. This was before Harvey’s outrageous crimes came to light, and the Weinsteins were notorious for being overly hands-on with their films and often messing with their director’s intentions. Zombie and the Weinsteins bumped into the final cut of the film, which saw their version hit theaters and a director’s cut later released on DVD, which was substantially different.

Zombie hated his experience working on Halloween and had no intention of returning for another film. However, when a sequel was pushed forward, the Weinsteins were determined to complete it whether the director was involved or not. Zombie felt protective of the reboot he helped make and reluctantly returned. However, the director quickly regretted the choice, saying that his experience filming the sequel was even worse. The downside to all of this is that it killed Zombie’s penchant for a horror franchise he once loved, and which seems to stick with the director to this day as he keeps watching Green’s new film. Halloween trilogy altogether. His restraint combined with studio interference made for a lackluster final product. Given his experience, it’s no surprise that Zombie hasn’t bothered to check out the most recent trilogy.

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