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Why Rian Johnson Wants To Make Knives Out 3 As His Next Movie

Rian Johnson shares why he wants to make Knives Out 3 as his next movie, teasing that he’s already formulating the plan for the next sequel.

While the public currently awaits the next chapter in Benoit Blanc’s journey, Rian Johnson teases his excitement about Blades from 3 his next movie. Whodunnit’s comedy franchise mainly revolves around Daniel Craig’s eccentric private detective as he investigates a variety of mysteries, with the first film investigating the suspicious death of murder mystery writer Harlan Thrombey, while the upcoming film Glass Onion: A Knife Mystery will see Benoit investigate a murder mystery gone awry. Netflix acquired the rights to both the upcoming sequel and a Blades from 3 later down the road, although it may not be as far away as some expect.


In the last issue of Total movie (through slash movie), Rian Johnson was asked about the development of the highly anticipated Blades from 3. The Glass Onion writer/director reacted excitedly to the plans for the third film and confirmed his interest in making it as his next film, noting that he is still formulating the plan for it. Check out what Johnson shared below:

I thought for a while that maybe I should do something else first […] But the honest truth of God is that I had so much fun making this one, and the creative challenge of coming up with a third movie that is completely different from this one and the first – right now that’s the most interesting creative challenge for me. So maybe I’ll just dive in and see what we come up with.

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Since it took three years for Glass Onion: A Knife Mystery to gain weight, it would be understandable for some to feel that Blades from 3 would take some time to make progress in development. While Johnson points out that he hasn’t quite landed on the plan for the third film yet, his comments about his excitement of diving right back into it should hold promise for those who have already fallen in love with the whodunnit franchise. Of Glass Onion: A Knife Mystery After Netflix’s acquisition of the rights to the property has moved relatively quickly, it will be interesting to see if Johnson’s turnaround time from development to filming will prove even faster than the next film.

The fact that Johnson is eager to dive back in also points to his lack of fatigue for the world he’s created, something several other filmmakers have run into over the years. James Wan is one of the most notable individuals who found the need to change things between different franchises after he Saw series after directing the first film, while also having a break in between Aquarius and the sequel to return to its horror genre roots for malicious. Now that Johnson has already established himself in noir-driven storytelling, it seems he is moving away from theā€¦ Blades off franchise to control anything else wouldn’t have been as effective for him or the Craig-led series.

With Johnson confirming his interest in making Blades from 3 his next film, it will be interesting to see how it affects his various other projects that he has discussed over the years. After reports of it being put on the back burner, Johnson and Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy recently confirmed talks for his Star Wars trilogy is still alive in the studio, despite the divisive reactions to The Last Jedi, but with his focus on Benoit Blanc’s future, these plans may be a little further off. Meanwhile, the public can look forward to the return of Craig’s eccentric detective with Glass Onion: A Knife Mystery in theaters on November 23, followed by Netflix on December 23.

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