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Why Is Luigi So Scared In The Super Mario Bros Trailer?

The frightened Luigi scene in the trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie may indicate that parts of the video game Luigi’s Mansion are being modified.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer is out and the sting at the end of the trailer is dedicated to a Luigi chase scene, with Luigi looking terrified. In 2001, Nintendo released their second Luigi-focused video game, titled Luigi’s Mansion for the GameCube. Luigi’s Mansion elevated Luigi as a character and later spawned two sequel video games, the third of which was released in 2019 for the Nintendo Switch.

The story begins with Luigi winning a mansion through a competition and finding out that it has fallen into bad shape and is haunted by a ghost named King Boo. Luigi goes around with the Poltergust 3000 vacuum cleaner, cleans up the property of supernatural entities and rescues his brother Mario who has been caught up in the whole ordeal, a clear tribute to the classic 80s comedy Ghostbusters. The Super Mario Bros. Movie can benefit from the success of the game.


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The Super Mario Bros. Movie seems to be some sort of origin story for many of the much-loved characters in the game. The story itself will have to touch each of those characters in a meaningful way by giving each Super Mario character a meaningful journey. The most likely scenario seems to be that Luigi’s story will involve his search for his brother, a quest that will put him in the middle of a ghostly situation inspired by the video game. Luigi’s mansion.

Is Super Mario Bros Adapting Luigi’s Mansion?

With the revelation that Mario ends up in the Mushroom Kingdom with no idea where he is, it can be assumed that he did this both accidentally and alone. His brother Luigi will no doubt be looking for him and will have to follow clues to get there. Whether it becomes the focus of Luigi’s subplot in the movie will determine how many of those spooky little callbacks we get to the original video game. Based on Illumination’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer, it looks like those clues lead Luigi to a mansion (or dark castle) while being chased by possessed Dry Bones. It remains to be seen whether those Dry Bones are controlled by Bowser or a possible second threat in the form of King Boo. Anyway, loosely adapting the concept of Luigi fighting supernatural entities seems like something Illumination hinted at in this first trailer.

There is a chance that The Super Mario Bros. Movie chooses not to take the route of Luigi’s Mansion. While there have been few updates on this Mario movie so far, the visuals and tone of the final Mario movie trailer scene show that Illumination is aware of that eerie tone that fans have enjoyed so much. Luigi’s mansion. This contrasts with Mario’s own more colorful and vibrant hero stories, and could mean that Luigi will have a very different adventure in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

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