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Why Halloween Ends Didn’t Explain Michael Myers’ Backstory

Halloween ends director David Gordon Green discusses the decision not to tell Michael Myers’ backstory. The slasher movie was released on October 14 and saw Jamie Lee Curtis return as… Halloween heroine Laurie Strode. Halloween ends is the final installment in the reboot trilogy that began in 2018 and the thirteenth film in the entire Halloween franchisee.

After the release of the first Halloween film, directed by John Carpenter, in 1978 saw the franchise continue a series before musician/director Rob Zombie rebooted it in 2007. In 2018, Green and screenwriter Danny McBride, with the involvement of John Carpenter and Blumhouse, launched a second Halloween reboot trilogy that brought Jamie Lee Curtis back as Laurie Strode. While Halloween has seen many reinventions by multiple directors, the infamous villain, Michael Myers, has always been at the heart of all. Myers has remained a mystery over the years, and many have speculated about the masked serial killer’s true identity and the motives behind his killings.


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Director David Gordon Green explains his decision not to reveal Michael Myers’ backstory in Halloween ends. In a recent interview with AV CLUB, Green describes his approach to the film as examining the horrors of Myers’ murders from the perspective of other characters. He indicates that he did not want to focus on the source of evil in the villain himself, but on how that evil affected the lives of others.

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You’re not going into a Michael Myers backstory, because as far as I’m concerned, that’s off limits. I don’t want to know what his motivation is, what inspires him.

Halloween Ends Was Right Not To Show Michael Myers Origin

Many theories exist as to what could be the origin of Michael MMyers. While Halloween kills reveals a glimpse of the man behind the mask, and Halloween ends have the original Michael Myers return to kill his murderous copycat, the movies make sure not to give too much away. This move proves to be an effective tactic, as fear is often rooted in the unknown. When horror movies reveal too much about the source of danger, be it a monster, a serial killer, or a supernatural being, they increase the public’s understanding of the monster, ultimately making it less threatening. The more we know about Myers’ background and motives, the less scary he becomes. It would also have been a mistake to make such a finite decision that would affect everyone Halloween lore. Ending a franchise can be challenging, and reinforcing the famous villain’s background in Halloween ends would risk dividing and upsetting many horror fans.

As Green’s trilogy comes to an end, Michael Myers will no doubt live on in the hands of future filmmakers. As Laurie Strode writes at the end of the film: “evil does not die, it changes form,, and that also applies to the Halloween franchisee. Revealing Michael Myers’ secrets would close the door to the entire series forever. Halloween ends does the right thing by keeping Michael Myers a terrifying mystery.

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