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Why Carrie Kelley Should Be Robert Pattinson’s Robin

As a sequel to Matt Reeves’s the batter ever introduce a Robin should be the hero behind the mask the dark knight returns‘Carrie Kelly. Matt Reeves’s the batter reboot the Caped Crusader, with Robert Pattinson’s young, inexperienced and lonely Bruce Wayne shaping the Batman legend in Gotham City. While it’s time for a live action Batman franchise brings Robin back to the big screen, it’s too early in Batman’s story to introduce an apprentice. But when the time comes, DC’s first official female Robin, Carrie Kelley, is the right choice for the role.


At Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, a veteran Batman recruits Carrie Kelley after rescuing him from a gang of villains. Carrie Kelley was already a Robin fan before Batman made her Robin himself. She uses her gymnastics skills and talent for improvisation to aid the Dark Knight in his battles against the dystopian Mutants, the Joker and even Superman. In the batterIn the equally gritty live-action universe, Carrie Kelley could be a Batman fan despite his infamy in the Gotham City underground, demonstrating that she was fearless and eager to fight alongside him. And as an ordinary citizen turned vigilante, Carrie can reveal Gotham’s deepest flaws while still retaining some measure of the cheerful “Girl/Boy Wonder” spirit that other Robins might lose if they leap forward to their Nightwing, Red Hood or Red Robin stage.

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Carrie Kelley Gives Pattinson a Totally Different Robin

Most of the big screen Batman adaptations have put Robin off, mostly because of the potential tonal clash he could have with Batman. Tim Burton, Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder all took the time to establish either a bleak or a grim Gotham City, where Batman reigned supreme as the dark vigilante who single-handedly stopped all evil threats. A breezy Batman apprentice dressed in red and green tights could have been a distraction, setting the precedent of Joel Schumacher’s ultra-colorful films Batman forever and Batman & Robin that idea didn’t help. Still Marlon Wayans’ Robin in Tim Burton’s Unmade Third Batman movie, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s last-minute John “Robin” Blake in The Dark Knight Risesand Robin’s damaged suit in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice they all suggest that Robin, in one form or another, had a place in those franchises, despite the ever-present fear of translating a “Boy Wonder” Robin to the screen.

Carrie Kelley breaks down the idea of ​​a corny Robin from the start, like Frank Miller’s the dark knight returnsDividing Batman’s comic book history in half due to its dark and gritty tone, was able to fit her into a fitting role that honored the Robin mantle and kept the tone of the story consistent. The idea of ​​making Robin a more grounded character had arisen earlier with the deaths of Nightwing and Jason Todd, but the dark knight returnsCarrie Kelley struck the right balance from the start. Besides, bringing one of the male Robins to live action can divide their fans if they go a little too serious or a little too light-hearted, so without a long comic book or movie backstory, Carrie Kelley gives the batter director Matt Reeves plenty of opportunities to play with.

Carrie Kelley’s Dark Comic Origin Fits Batman’s Tone

In typical Robin fashion, Carrie Kelley found hope to follow in Batman’s footsteps, despite an unfavorable childhood and domestic life. Unlike the tragic death of Dick Grayson’s parents during a circus performance or the Joker’s lifelong influence on Jason Todd’s life, Carrie Kelley’s tragic backstory is simpler, yet hauntingly realistic. Carrie is an ordinary schoolgirl, neglected by her parents and attacked at night by a group of strangers. Such a horrible event doesn’t need comic book villains or complicated backstories to be scary, or sadly, relatable, and it fits the batter‘s realistic portrayal of a depraved Gotham City where ordinary people can be scarier than super villains.

How The Batman 2 Could Introduce Carrie Kelley’s Robin

The live-action introduction of Carrie Kelly could perfectly mirror the introduction of the Dark Knight in the batter, coming out of the shadows to help her fend off her attackers. Alternatively, Carrie Kelley’s first appearance in a sequel to: the batter can mirror her first major achievement of the dark knight returns, where she jumped in and saved Batman just as he was losing the fight. Any variation on Carrie Kelley’s accidental first encounter with Batman could form a bond between the two, and Carrie could become a key puzzle piece in Batman’s next big-screen fight, as well as someone close to him who both cares for and protects him. needed, just like Alfred and Catwoman. Carrie’s lack of a solid DC backstory out there the dark knight returns allows Matt Reeves to get creative with her introduction, but if there’s one aspect to keep for her live-action adaptation, it’s her bravery.

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Every Other Robin Candidate Teased In The Batman

The only allies Bruce Wayne had in the batter were Alfred Pennyworth and Selina Kyle, but there were possible hints to characters who may or may not be Robin characters in the future. the batterThe opening scene showed a little boy whose father is murdered – a clever undermining of expectations when the audience discovers that it is not Bruce, but the son of the mayor of Gotham. While the boy is simply a reflection of Bruce’s own tragedy, he could also eventually become a Robin. In the comics, Tim Drake becomes a Robin after discovering Batman’s identity by following and analyzing him. the batter‘s Red Robin.

At the end of the batter, Catwoman departs for Blüdhaven, a fictional DC town where Nightwing operates in the comics. At this point in Batman’s journey, it will be a long time before Nightwing appears, as he must first pass the trials of being Robin. However, Dick Grayson could already be living in Blüdhaven, and witnessing Catwoman’s crime-fighting escapades could inspire him. Finally, Alfred refers to his “circus” backstory in the batter. But while this sounds like an obvious nod to Dick Grayson and The Flying Graysons, it’s actually a reference to his time with British Secret Intelligence Service MI6. Yet that choice of words can still be used by the future the batter sequels to connect Alfred with the first Robin. But if Matt Reeves’s… the batter As the universe continues with a fresh start for Robin, Carrie offers Kelley a clean slate that makes her the ideal candidate.

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