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Why Black Adam Needed Amanda Waller Explained By Editor

the editor of Black Adam explains why Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller had to appear in the DCU movie. After years of being stuck in development hell, Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam The film has finally opened in theaters, bringing the iconic antihero to the DCU (formerly known as the DCEU). Initially set to make its debut in the Shazam! movie starring Zachary Levi, Johnson convinced Warner Bros. to give his character a solo movie before clashing with the DC superhero. The film focused on Teth-Adam’s tragic backstory, going from a Kahndaq slave to his champion after being given divine powers.


While Black Adam laid the groundwork for Johnson’s antihero, it wasted no time building its bigger ties to the DCU. One of the ways to remind the public that: Black Adam part of a larger franchise was the return of Amanda Waller, once again played by Davis. Though she didn’t appear in many scenes, Davis’s character made her final comeback since the events of peacekeeper indicates that her time in the DCU is far from over.

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screen frenzy recently spoke with Michael L. Sale, who collaborated on Black Adam as editor, while speaking in more detail about the making of the film. When it came to Waller’s return, it was… “was fantastic” to have her in Black AdamSales said. For Sale, it was important to show Waller in a unique way compared to her previous performances, sharing the following:

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Michael L. Sale: Look, she’s amazing. Viola Davis is incredible. People love her. We love her. So it was fantastic to have her in the movie. The first time we went to a screening, and she came on screen, the place went crazy.

It was important. because Black Adam is something new, it’s not the big IP type of character that everyone knows. We wanted it to be unique and new, but it was also important to make sure it felt connected to Shazam. It felt connected to DC. She brings so much credibility. She gives the JSA a lot of credibility because when she tells them to go, even though you don’t know everything about them, you think, “Okay, these people must be legit.”

How Waller Black Connects Adam to the Wider DC Universe

Although I haven’t had many moments Black Adam, Waller’s presence still helped connect the film to the wider DCU. For starters, Waller show na peacekeeper established what she’s been up to since the Season 1 finale. Now that the Task Force X program has become widely known, she’s clearly started working with other teams, especially the Justice Society of America, as one of her ways of protecting the world. to protect. As for the Suicide Squad, it’s unclear if the team disbanded or if they’re operating from the shadows after Waller’s actions were exposed to the world.

Since it is known that Waller will have her own spin-off series, Black Adam may have also set up the idea of ​​what her show could focus on while remaining a powerful player in the DCU. Assuming Amanda Waller’s HBO Max series is still moving forward, her spinoff can explore how she interacts with various forces in the DCU, including the JSA at the moment. With her latest Black Adam Outwardly, it will be intriguing to see where Waller shows up next and what she’ll be doing in the DCU over the next few years.

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