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Whose Heartbeat Does Kiri Hear In Avatar 2? Is It Dr. Grace?!

Avatar: The Way of Water teases Kiri and hears a mysterious heartbeat on Pandora. Could it belong to Sigourney Weaver’s original role as Dr. Grace?

The new Avatar: The way of the water trailer teases Kiri from Sigourney Weaver who hears a mysterious heartbeat on Pandora, and it could be the actress’s original character, Dr. Grace, can be. Amid the visual spectacle and emotional story teasing in the new Avatar 2 trailer, James Cameron’s Avatar sequel offers some intriguing moments for viewers to digest. While Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) are still the main characters, Avatar 2 will also give their daughter Kiri a huge role. This is also how Sigourney Weaver returns to the franchise after Dr. Grace died in the first movie.


Kiri hearing a heartbeat in Pandora is set up as one of the main plot points in Avatar: The way of the water, but the trailer doesn’t reveal whose heartbeat she hears. The conversation with Jake is unclear about who or what Kiri is talking about. There’s a chance Kiri is referring to Pandora’s own heartbeat, given the strong bond the Na’vi have with their planet. However, the decision to let Sigourney Weaver play Kiri seemingly somehow links her to Dr. Grace. This may mean that Kiri’s heartbeat is Dr. Grace belongs to the Tree of Souls after she dies and unites with the planet’s deity, Eywa.

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Why only Kiri can hear the heartbeat

Kiri’s conversation with Jake reveals that she is the only one who can hear the mysterious heartbeat of Avatar 2. She says she knows her father thinks she’s crazy, but Kiri insists she can listen to the heartbeat. Kiri also explicitly refers to the heartbeat associated with a “hair.” Although Jake can’t hear the same heartbeat, he does ask his daughter for more information about what it sounds like. The Avatar: The way of the water trailer doesn’t reveal her answer. The reason only Sigourney Weaver’s new character can hear the heartbeat in Avatar 2 could be a unique connection she has with Pandora and Dr. Grace.

James Cameron has not confirmed that Kiri and Dr. Grace share a connection, but the decision to cast Sigourney Weaver in the role of a teenager must mean something. Kiri describes the heartbeat as: “mighty” and that it feels like “she’s so close.” While other times in the Avatar: The way of the water trailer shows Kiri connecting to Pandora, but that wouldn’t explain why only she can hear the heartbeat as all Na’vi can perform tsaheylu. That’s why Kiri hears the heartbeat Avatar 2 would very well like Dr. can be graceful.

Can Dr. Grace (good) return in Avatar 2?

While Dr. Grace could always come in… Avatar: The way of the water through flashbacks, the heartbeat Kiri hears may indicate Sigourney Weaver’s Avatar death is reversed. This may even mean that Dr. Grace correctly returns in the sequel. The first Avatar teased how Grace’s entire memories and consciousness were absorbed by the Tree of Souls before her human body died. It is possible that some of Avatar 2Kiri’s story explores the memories of Dr. Grace and tries to bring her back to life. Since there is still much about Pandora that remains to be explored, Avatar: The way of the water could use Kiri’s heartbeat to bring Grace back to life, especially since Quaritch cheated on death.

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