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Whose Dagger That Is & How It Sets Up School For Good & Evil 2

*Warning: This article contains spoilers for The school for good and evil*The school for good and evil shocked the audience with a mysterious dagger that came through the vortex to the world of Agatha and Sophie at the end of the Netflix movie. Based on the books of Soman Cahinani, The school for good and evil follows best friends Agatha and Sophie (Sofia Wiley and Sophia Anne Caruso) as they are taken to a magical school where Agatha attends the School for Good and Sophie attends the School for Evil. They try to spot the flaws with their presence in the schools, but realize there is a much darker threat from the evil Rafal (Kit Young), who founded the school with his good brother Rhian.


The end of The school for good and evil seems to show that Agatha and Sophie live happily ever after, until Tedros’ (Jamie Flatters) arrow pierces the vortex between the two worlds, closely followed by Rafal’s dagger. As Tedros’ arrow pierces the whirlpool, he can be heard saying, “I need you Agatha‘, suggesting that their romance will continue, but since it is followed by Rafal’s dagger, it means that Rafal’s threat has not completely disappeared and that Tedros may be in danger. Rafal has faked his death before, but it was pretty obvious that he dies from Agatha using Excalibur on him. It seems The school for good and evil 2 will continue the story from which The school for good and evil stopped, and Rafal will definitely be seen again. The only question is how he will return in the future.

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How is Rafal still alive?

To prevent Rafal from completely destroying both schools at the end of this year The school for good and evil, Agatha and Sophie teamed up so that Agatha could kill Rafal with Tedros’ Excalibur. It is clear that Rafal has died because the magic that destroys the schools has stopped, and Rafal’s magic that holds Tedros stops, and he is released. However, it is possible for someone to return from the dead, as Agatha proves with Sophie. When Sophie sacrifices herself to protect Agatha, at the end of… The school for good and evilSophie uses the kiss of true love to bring her back, because friendship is the truest form of love.

Rafal claimed that Sophie was his one true love, and obviously Sophie didn’t bring him back when she turned on him at the end of The school for good and evil. Using his blood magic, Rafal could have dark ways of returning from the dead that are currently unknown to the public. According to the second book of the series, A world without princes, Rafal has not quite returned from the dead, but has instead returned as a ghost. Thus, he remains a threat to Agatha and Sophie and has a chance to make a full return.

How Rafal’s Dagger Sets Up a School of Good and Evil 2

Rafal’s dagger following Tedros’ arrow through the vortex means: The school for good and evil is set up perfectly for a sequel. Agatha and Sophie won’t be happy for long, as they will no doubt be dragged back to the schools if Rafal threatens again. Moreover, Tedros calling on Agatha would suggest that their romantic story is unfinished and that this should be explored more in the School for good and evil continuation. The whirlpool being pierced, and Rafal’s dagger following, could mean that their village of Gavaldon is also under threat, so Agatha and Sophie may have no choice but to get involved.

What Happens in the School for Good and Evil Continued Books

The second book in The school for good and eviltitled A world without princes, has already received some adjustments from the movie version. For example, the Netflix adaptation lets Tedros pierce the vortex between worlds, while in the books it is Agatha who does that in the sequel. However, this achieves the same goal, because in the second book, Agatha secretly wishes for another happy ending and wants to go back to the school to be with Tedros. The school has since changed and is now the School for Boys and the School for Girls.

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Agatha and Sophie are evicted from Gavaldon after threatening messages are sent for Sophie’s return. A lot of things have changed at school and Sophie is turning back to her mean ways which hopefully means more of The school for good and evil‘s great songs and fashion in the sequel. She also tries to prevent Agatha and Tedros from being together. Rafal’s ghost is revived by the new Dean of the School for Girls, Evelyn Sader, and he tries to reunite with his true love Sophie. Rafal’s attempt to kill Tedros forces Agatha and Tedros to flee, but Sophie stays with Rafal and the two girls go to war again. The school for good and evil 2 continues the physical and moral struggle of The school for good and eviland Rafal’s dagger is the beginning of everything.

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