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Which California metro had the 4th-fastest job growth in US?

“Survey Says” looks at various rankings and scorecards that assess geographic locations, noting that these numbers are best viewed as a mix of artful interpretation and data.

fuss: The number of jobs in Napa grew 6.9% in the year ending January, the country’s fourth-fastest hiring rate.

Source: Viewed my trusted spreadsheet metro employment data in early 2023 for 389 metropolitan areas.


Napa bosses added 4,700 workers to 72,900 in the year. Napa’s unemployment rate was 3.9%, down 0.9 points on the year.

Only two Texas metropolitan areas – Midland (11.4% job growth) and Odessa (7.8%) – and Manhattan, Kansas (7.3%) experienced higher hiring rates in January.

Metros with the most jobs in 12 months were New York (375,200), Dallas (234,100), Los Angeles-Orange County (218,400), Houston (152,900), and Chicago (122,400).


California employers added 594,500 workers statewide in the 12 months ending January, up 3.5% to nearly a record 17.77 million. Only Texas (668,000) added more workers nationwide.

The cooling economy and many employers restoring pre-pandemic workforces have slowed hiring. California job growth was 8.5% in January 2022.

California bosses are also challenged to find talent. Statewide, the unemployment rate was 4.6%, down 1 percentage point on the year.

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