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When Exactly Green Goblin Takes Control Of Norman Osborn In No Way Home

Norman Osborn is taken over by the Green Goblin in No Way Home late in the film, but the villain was in control of him earlier.

Norman Osborn was taken over by the Green Goblin when he helped Peter to the climax of Spider-Man: No Way Home, but the evil alter-ego had him under control much earlier. When Norman Osborn appeared in Peter’s universe, he was seen shattering his helmet in an alley after attacking Spider-Man on the bridge, indicating that he was in control of the Green Goblin at the time. The battle between the two ghosts always had Norman struggling in that of Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire Spider Manso it was a fascinating sight to see him destroy his helmet and seek help from Aunt May.


Despite his small win, Norman eventually lost control of the Goblin when he was locked in a cell with the other villains. There were hints in his voice that betrayed the Green Goblin’s more creaky and confident sounds. It can be heard in his lines, “I’m kind of a scientist myself” and “Only me, when Doc Ock asked Norman Osborn if he would be whole again later. It’s subtle, but the difference between Green Goblin’s voice and Norman’s is noticeable.

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Why Green Goblin Helped Peter Heal the Villains

While Green Goblin was influencing Norman, he helped Peter heal Doc Ock before revealing his true identity. As a villain who hates Spider-Man, it made sense for Green Goblin to stop Peter from saving the other villains. Green Goblin who chose to work with Peter was actually the smart choice, as it allowed him to access Peter’s technology and in the process undermine him. It also gave Green Goblin a chance to go after Aunt May and set Peter on a darker path, hoping that Spider-Man would be influenced by revenge.

No Way Home’s Norman Switch Makes Green Goblin Better

Norman’s move to the Green Goblin in No way home is brilliant. It’s not an obvious change on screen, which makes Willem Dafoe’s performance more incredible and creates a more complex Green Goblin villain. After being away from the role for over a decade, the actor showed he still had what it takes to make the Green Goblin one of the web-slinger’s top villains.

Spider-Man: No Way Home used nostalgia to make the plot unique and interesting, and it certainly paid off with Dafoe’s Green Goblin. He stole every scene he was in in the movie. His ability to play two different ghosts in one character is astonishing, and his performance in the final film of this first MCU Spider-Man trilogy is one to remember.

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