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What Working on Wes Anderson’s New Movie Is Like For Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston Candidly Talks About Wes Anderson’s Filming Asteroid Citywhere the director’s meticulous style made the film “very difficult.” Asteroid City is Anderson’s upcoming film, in which he will once again be putting together a stellar cast, with Cranston, Margot Robbie, Tom Hanks, Steve Carell, Scarlett Johansson, Maya Hawke, Jeff Goldblum, Willem Dafoe, Edward Norton and Adrien Brody. The plot of Asteroid City is said to revolve around an astronomy convention in the 1950s, where the attendees discover that their work and lives overlap in unique ways.


Anderson is known for working with the same actors in every movie, with Asteroid City not be different. The director has worked with Goldblum, Brody and Dafoe on previous films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel, Life in the water with Steve Zissouand Moonrise Kingdom. However, Asteroid City sees Anderson collaborate for the first time with several acclaimed actors, including Robbie, Hanks and Carell. And if the past is true, those actors might be able to work with the director again on another project in the future. Cranston previously worked with Anderson on Isle of Dogs, a stop-motion animated film in which he pronounced a dog named Chief. However, Asteroid City is the first time Cranston has collaborated with the director in a live-action film.

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In a recent interview with ColliderCranston opened up about working with Anderson on Asteroid City. The actor praised the family aspect of working and living with the cast of the ensemble, where they would have regular dinners full of music, laughter and talk. Cranston does mention, however, that Anderson’s meticulous nature made working on the film “very difficult” because of the director’s specific vision. Watch Cranston’s comments about Wes Anderson and Asteroid City below:

“Working for an author like that is a great exercise in confidence. We shot this movie, Asteroid City, in Spain, and it wasn’t easy. Working for Wes isn’t easy. It’s very specific and so you really have to concentrate very hard. What makes up for that is the coziness and togetherness of the experience. We are all in this five star hotel in Spain and every night is a banquet. Every night you exchange thoughts and laughter and someone brings a guitar, and you sing, and you talk. It’s just so familiar. It’s like fulfilling an actor’s dream camp. It was a really great experience, although again the work is very specific and very difficult.”

“When someone like that calls, it’s the same, I did the same with Tom Hanks. When he calls for something, it’s like, yeah and what am I doing? I say to Wes Anderson, yeah, what is it you want me to do? That’s the way it is for all the actors. We show up and say, what do you want us to have, how do you want to do this? Wes makes an animation and voices all the characters in the animation, what he calls it cartoon So we watch it on a laptop We watch the whole movie he’s recording on a laptop and it’s like oh I get it I see where you’re going I see what you do and let me see if “I can hit that target, the character you’ve already created. Let me see if I can aim my arrow at it and hit the bullseye.”

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How Wes Anderson’s meticulous style is unmistakable

Wes Anderson has a unique style that makes his films instantly recognizable. As he continues to tell unique and varied stories, such as the underwater adventures featured in Life in the water with Steve Zissou or the stop-motion animation film Fantastic Mr Fox, allows the director to embrace the characters that populate his films, providing a distinct feeling that permeates his filmography. Plus, Anderson’s roster of acclaimed talent is happy to return for each new film that offers a different challenging character to tackle.

Despite the differing starting points in Anderson’s films, he often uses similar camera movements and story equipment for the film. With movies like The Grand Budapest Hotel and Life in the water by using thumbnails to establish locations with an aesthetic only Anderson could deliver, his loyal following can recognize the author’s work even without knowing he was at the helm, marking a director whose style is unmistakable. This unwavering dedication to his style speaks to Cranston’s comments, which show how meticulous Anderson makes sure his films live up to the standard he sets. So although many details about Asteroid City are still hidden, fans of Anderson’s work can rest easy knowing that the director is bringing more of what they love to the screen.

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Source: Collider



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