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What Enola Holmes 3 Should Include According to Millie Bobby Brown

Exclusive: An Enola Holmes 3 should feature more challenging cases for Enola, star Millie Bobby Brown argues ahead of the second film’s release.

forward Enola Holmes 2‘s release, Millie Bobby Brown reveals she hopes for a potential Enola Holmes 3 would feature new cases that could challenge and push the titular character to its limits. Brown returns to play the youngest Holmes brother in Netflix’s latest adaptation of Nancy Springer’s new series. Enola Holmes 2 will hit Netflix on November 4, with Henry Cavill, Louis Partridge, Adeel Akhtar, Susan Wokoma and Helena Bonham Carter also reprising their roles in the sequel.


A little over two years ago Enola Holmes debuted on Netflix in September 2020, Enola Holmes 2 will reunite audiences with Brown’s Enola during her ongoing adventures in Victorian England. After solving the case of the disappearance of her mother Eudoria (Carter) and preventing the attempted murder of Partridge’s young Viscount Tewkesbury, Enola is determined to become a great detective herself. Joining forces with Cavill’s Sherlock Holmes when both current affairs become intertwined, Enola Holmes 2 promises to show the young detective that she continues to help the people of London while finding her own allies. The film’s protagonist already has hopes where Enola’s journey could take her next.

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During an exclusive interview with screen frenzy forward Enola Holmes 2‘s release, Brown explains what she hopes for a potential Enola Holmes 3 will appear before her character. Brown says she hopes Enola’s cases later in her career will challenge her in more personal ways. Watch Brown’s full response below:

Yes absolutely. I would like to be part of another. I’d like to see her do more business, be pressured, put in crazy situations, make her vulnerable again. I am thrilled to see her back at work.

Will Enola Holmes 3 Happen?

Brown expressed hopes to continue Enola’s story ahead of the release of the first film, stating that not only did she feel there was more to her character’s story, but that she enjoyed being with Bradbeer to work on production. On his release, Enola Holmes turned out to be a hit with Netflix audiences. Not only was the film received positively from critics, but it quickly became the biggest first day opening for the streaming service in 2020, ranking 7th among Netflix’s most-watched original movies with a viewership of 78 million subscribers. Of Enola Holmes Brown proved popular with viewers and invested in continuing Enola’s story. That Enola Holmes 2 positive early reviews, it’s likely that Netflix will continue the series and adapt Springer’s later novels to build it into one of the platform’s most successful franchises. This assumes that the sequel will also deliver some impressive ratings.

Enola Holmes quickly established itself as a unique take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s mythos, one that breathed new life into characters who have had an incredible influence on pop culture. Much of the success of the first film can be attributed to Brown’s lively portrayal of Enola, who quickly won over audiences and made them invest in her early research. Of Enola Holmes 2 debuting on Netflix on November 4, viewers will certainly be happy and relieved to learn that Brown is interested in exploring what comes next for her character’s potential future.

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