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Weird Al Has A Odd Answer To How To Watch His Biopic Outside The US

Weird: The Story of Al Yankovic was finally released this week, and Weird Al has a wild suggestion for fans who want to watch the biographical parody film outside of the US, directed by Eric Appel, Weird: The Story of Al Yankovic stars Daniel Radcliffe in the title role alongside an ensemble cast that includes Evan Rachel Wood as Madonna, Quinta Brunson as Oprah Winfrey and Rainn Wilson as Dr. dementia. It also features cameos from Jack Black, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Conan O’Brien, and Yankovic himself.


Weird: The Story of Al Yankovic was written by Yankovic and Appel, and is loosely based on the musician’s life. Unlike many biopics, Weird: The Story of Al Yankovic contains very few current events from the musician’s life. Instead, it was inspired by a satirical fake trailer produced by Appel in 2010 for Funny or Die and parodies typical tropes seen in many music biopics, such as a musician struggling with substance abuse. The end result is a hilariously bizarre film that has received critical acclaim, particularly for Radcliffe’s performance. Weird: The Story of Al Yankovic was released on November 4 on the Roku channel.

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To celebrate the release of Weird: The Story of Al Yankovic, Yankovico himself took to Twitter to answer questions about the new biopic. When one person wondered how to watch the film outside of the US, the famous musician had a surprising answer that showcased his signature wit and humor. Watch Weird Al’s response below:

How to Look Weird: Al Yankovic’s Story Online

Unfortunately for many international Weird Al fans there is no official way to stream yet Weird: The Story of Al Yankovic outside the Roku Channel. The musical biopic parody will be streamed exclusively on the Roku channel, which is only available on Roku devices in Canada and the UK. However, for viewers in the US, the Roku channel is available on any device with a web browser or with the Roku app. This means anyone with access to a web browser in the US can stream Weird: the Al Yankovic from now on for free, even without an account.

At the moment there is no word on when Weird: The Story of Al Yankovic may be available internationally. Given Yankovic’s response, and given that the satirical biopic is arguably the biggest original film Roku has ever distributed, it seems likely that a wider release is already planned. This can be done, for example, through a collaboration with another streaming service, or through sites where viewers can rent the film. Until then, international Weird Al fans should just keep an eye out for more news.

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Source: Weird Alic/Twitter



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