What Prince Harry Leaving Balmoral Castle Early Says About the Royal Rift

Prince Harry's departure from Balmoral could be explained by

Buckingham Palace not wanting the 10 days of mourning following

Queen Elizabeth II's death to overshadow it.

He arrived in Scotland alone after Her Majesty died Thursday afternoon.

Harry was seen returning to London the following day boarding a plane.

In the aftermath of Queen Elizabeth's death, expect to see Meghan Markle over the next few weeks as the nation mourns.

Nicholl, a royal specialist said "As Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, Harry's children

automatically legally entitled to Prince and Princess by virtue of being the son of the sovereign."

"Although he addressed Harry and Meghan warmly in his speech, 

he did not refer to them by their official titles: Duke and Duchess of Sussex." Nicholl added.