US Returns Rare Coin Worth $1 Million To Israel

An Israeli coin dating back 2,000 years to a Jewish struggle against Roman dominance was returned to Israel following a joint smuggling investigation.

Approximately 69 years old, this coin is one of the rarest remnants of the Jewish uprising, estimated to be worth $500,000 to $1 million.

A 20-year-old coin was looted south of Jerusalem in the Ella Valley.

There is a suspicion that the coin is part of a coin cache stolen from archaeological sites.

Investigators believe the item entered the black market before being smuggled into the UK through Jordan.

As a result, it was exported under false pretenses to the United States.

It had been scheduled to be sold off in 2017 in Denver, Colorado, when it was seized by Homeland Security officers.

There are few coins from the Jewish revolt as rare as the quarter-shekel piece with palm branches and a wreath dated to A.D.69.

As part of the Roman response, the Temple Mount was sacked and burned in A.D. 70.

Also included was the destruction of Masada's last Jewish holdouts in A.D. 73.