How old was queen Elizabeth II when she became queen

Princess Elizabeth II was 25 only when she was crowned Queen

It was hardly believed that the throne would be inherit

But in December 1936 two of her uncle, Edward VIII and Henry VIII abdicated the throne

Elizabeth became Queen, after the death of her father-King George VI in 1952

And she ran a momentous reign from then

Queen Elizabeth II died at Balmoral at age 96, 

She died after reigning for 70 years, leaving behind a legacy

King Charles stated in an official statement that

"The loss of my dear Mother Her Majesty, The Queen of England.....

are a time of deep sorrow for all the members of my family and me"

We grieve from our deeper hearts to the loss of our beloved Mother & Sovereign

He also added that her loss would be felt across the country, Realms, and the Commonwealth