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We Think We Know Exactly Why Harrison Ford’s Ross Is In Captain America 4

Harrison Ford has been cast as General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross in the MCU, and he’s definitely going to play a major role in Captain America: New World Order. One of the Hulk’s main enemies, Thunderbolt Ross was initially played by William Hurt in the future Avenger’s 2008 film of the same name. After co-starring in The Incredible HulkHurt reprized the role Captain America: Civil War and Black Widow. The actor passed away in March 2022, causing Marvel Studios to recast the role of Thunderbolt Ross for future appearances.


Marvel has now picked Harrison Ford as the new Thunderbolt Ross in one of the studio’s most high-profile casting announcements to date. Marvel recently changed their contracts, forgoing signing actors for a decade or more and instead making deals for one season or one movie. This was seen as a more talent-friendly strategy with the potential to attract the biggest stars who wouldn’t be willing to sign away such a large part of their lives. The decision appears to have been successful, with Ford being cast as Ross in the upcoming sequel Captain America: New World Order. Ross’s role in the film is still a mystery, but it’s possible he’ll be there to piece together pieces of the plot.

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Thunderbolt Ross Needs a New Role in the MCU

In the comics, Thunderbolt Ross is traditionally portrayed as a military leader responsible for chasing the Hulk. The iteration of the MCU started the same way, but changed by the time of Captain America: Civil War. Apparently, a heart attack led him to leave the military and embark on a political career. He was associated with the Sokovia Accords – intrusive legislation passed by the United Nations to control the Avengers and guard the emerging superhuman community. But it’s important to note that this role has come to an end in MCU Phase 4. She-Hulk: Lawyer revealed that the Sokovia Accords sometime after the events of Avengers: Endgame. This means Ross no longer has a clear role in the MCU.

Thunderbolt Ross can be linked to Damage Control

The Sokovia chords may be over, but Spider-Man: No Way Home, Mrs. Marveland She-Hulk: Lawyer any suggested superhuman activity is still closely monitored in the United States. Enhanced individuals are now controlled by the Department of Damage Control, originally set up to clean up after the Avengers, but with some sort of expanded remit. The Department of Damage Control now has the right to arrest superhumans, detain them in their own Supermax prison, and conduct criminal investigations into the loss of advanced technology. Most disturbingly, there is evidence that Damage Control is then using the technology they have seized, meaning they are an increasingly well-equipped organization.

Thunderbolt Ross would be the perfect head of Damage Control. He has experience dealing with superhumans – he even liaised with the Avengers back when the Sokovia Accords were law – and in the past he has led black-ops projects to create super soldiers and reverse advanced technology. engineer. Damage Control’s aggressive approach also fits Ross’ character perfectly, as he considers superhuman potential threats; this is the man Thor and the Hulk compared to “a pair of 30 megaton nuclear weaponsFinally. A position responsible for Damage Control would make Thunderbolt Ross a major player in the post-Avengers: Endgame “New World Order”, and thus possibly in Captain America 4 also.

What will Thunderbolt Ross’ relationship with Sharon Carter be?

Harrison Ford’s Thunderbolt Ross could well be an opponent of Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson, but the most interesting question is how he might interact with Emily VanCamp’s Sharon Carter, who has also been confirmed to be in Captain America: New World Order. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier revealed that Sharon has become a villain after passing the Sokovia Accords. She is now the Power Broker of the MCU, positioning herself to sell state secrets, super soldier serums and advanced technology to the highest bidder. She would certainly be interested in getting the secrets of Damage Control, which would probably put her on Thunderbolt Ross’ radar.

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Alternatively, it’s important to remember that Thunderbolt Ross wasn’t always known for going by the book. In fact, in the comics, there have been many occasions where he has worked with people like the Power Broker, using them to access technology that he wouldn’t otherwise possess. It’s entirely possible that Harrison Ford’s Thunderbolt Ross will be an ally to the Power Broker, rather than an adversary.

Harrison Ford’s Thunderbolt Ross Will Definitely Be The Red Hulk

In the comics, Thunderbolt Ross eventually becomes the Red Hulk – a powerhouse who puts even Bruce Banner’s Hulk to shame. If Harrison Ford really signed up for just that one movie, then chances are Marvel will choose to tell that particular story in Captain America: New World Order. The studio certainly wouldn’t want to waste Ross’s most famous story now that they’ve cast such an important actor for the role. Indeed, that would possibly explain why a reshuffle was so necessary after William Hurt’s death. Thunderbolt Ross is just too important to the script and they can’t possibly write him out.

In support of this theory, Marvel has already confirmed the return of another character from The Incredible Hulk: Tim Blake Nelson’s Samuel Sterns, aka “The Leader.” Exposed to gamma rays at the end of The Incredible Hulk, the leader has been missing from the MCU for over a decade. He’s probably been watched by Ross all this time. The general would certainly have been put in charge of the cleanup after that The Incredible Hulk, and there’s no way he would have missed someone exposed to gamma rays. In the comics, the leader conducts his own Gamma experiments, and he is one of two super villain scientists responsible for transforming Ross into the Red Hulk.

All this would make Harrison Ford’s Thunderbolt Ross one of the main characters in Captain America: New World Order. It would mean that Ford isn’t just joining the MCU; he becomes one of the most important characters of them all, a protagonist in the titular “New World Order” and a Hulk to boot. Viewers would no doubt be excited to see the celebrated actor turn into a big-screen powerhouse.

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