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Vince Vaughn Has Funny Dodgeball 2 Pitch, Says Justin Long

Vince Vaughn has come up with a pitch for dodge ball 2said former co-star Justin Long. Dodgeball: a true underdog story was originally released in 2004, in which Vaughn played Peter La Fleur, team leader of the average Joe’s Gym dodgeball team, while Long played another team member named Justin. Other cast members included Ben Stiller as rival Globo Gym owner White Goldman, Christine Taylor, Stephen Root and the late actor Rip Torn as Average Joe’s Coach Patches O’Houlihan.


A solid critical and commercial hit at the time of release, Dodgeball: a true underdog story has gained considerable popularity in the years since its release. although it can be a crazy sports comedy, some sequences of it, including classic quotes like the “5 D’s of Dodgeball (Dodge, Dive, Dive, Dive and Dodge!)have remained iconic and are often referenced in other projects dodgeball sequel has been swirling for decades, and while most of the cast haven’t offered many promising updates, someone close to the film reveals that a star has prepared a pitch.

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While speaking with ComicBook.com to discuss horror movie digital release BarbarianJustin Long revealed that Vince Vaughn has a funny one dodge ball 2 pitch. While noting that much of the sequel will depend on Stiller’s return, the actor expressed his hopes of getting the follow-up while keeping quiet about what Vaughn’s pitch is for the film. Check out what Long shared below:

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I do a podcast with my brother called Life is Short and when we had Ben Stiller, and I asked Ben about this because I had just been working with Vince Vaughn again. Vince wrote this movie, it’s like a parody of Christmas movies coming out in December called Christmas with the Campbells; so I was just around Vince a lot and Vince had told me he has this great idea for a sequel. I don’t know if he had already thrown it to Ben, but I set up the field a bit, I felt like I had to facilitate the field. Sure, I’d love to do it and I hope it eventually happens, but I think Ben is a bit. people enjoy that so much. It’s very risky, you don’t want the original, you want something just as good. So I think he’s a little hesitant about that, trying to recreate something that was very specific to the era, but I hope he takes over. Vince is a very convincing person, so I hope Vince can convince him with his idea. It’s a funny idea, I don’t want to say what it is.

Could Dodgeball 2 work almost 20 years later?

Long’s statement leaves much intrigue about what a… dodgeball follow-up would imply in Vaughn’s view. Now that 20 years have passed, the question remains whether a dodge ball 2 could be successful after all this time, like on the one hand the original movie still has a large enough audience to draw people to the theater even 20 years later, while on the other hand, dodge ball 2 should look different from the original in some ways. First off, Patches actor Torn passed away in 2019 and even though his character died in the original movie, the roster would keep a notable name short. In addition, with the original Dodgeball: a true underdog story if we leave on a relatively happy note for the Joe’s, one might wonder what it would take to get them back in the game.

Stiller caveat on advancing with a dodge ball 2 also have merit. Just looking at the gap between the two films as of now, it seems largely impossible for a dodgeball follow-up to exactly recreate the energy and dynamism of the original films. However, it’s a good sign that Vaughn and Long are both so excited about a future for dodgeball. Now it’s just a matter of Vaughn pitching his so-called hilarious sequel idea to Stiller, and see if that can persuade him to side with supporting dodge ball 2.

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