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Twister 2 Director Shortlist Report Debunked By Prey’s Dan Trachtenberg

Prey director Dan Trachtenberg debunks a report that he is on the shortlist of candidates considered to direct Twister 2.

Prey director Dan Trachtenberg debunks report that he is on the shortlist of candidates to direct Twister 2. 1996’s twister tapped into the public’s primal fear of tornadoes and scored $495 million at the box office worldwide. But fans who loved the original twisterUnfortunately, the then groundbreaking tornado action has not yet been treated to a sequel.

Now more than 25 years after the first twister‘s release, things finally look like on the Twister 2 front side. According to a new report, Universal and Amblin Entertainment are currently finalizing director candidates with a view to starting production on Twister 2 in the spring of 2023. The shortlist of potential directors would be Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vaserhelyi (Free solo), Dan Trachtenberg (Prey), and Travis Knight (Kubo and the two strings).


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But at least one of the directors on that Twister 2 shortlist has already spoken out to disprove the idea that he’s up for the job. On Twitter, Prey helmer Trachtenberg offered a flat denial that he is interested in taking Twister 2. “For whom it concerns. I don’t make a TWISTER‘ he tweeted. See his tweet in the space below:

Could this mean Trachtenberg will be working on Prey Sequels?

Trachtenberg certainly has the action movies to make an intriguing one Twister 2considering his work on the franchise movies 10 Cloverfield Lane and Prey. But it is very possible that he will not be available to the twister sequel, because he’s too busy working on a sequel to his own 2022 Predator franchise entry. Prey indeed seems to be setting up a direct sequel, as the scene in the middle of the credits shows a native icon with more alien ships descending on the plains. This teaser certainly seems to indicate that Naru and her fellow Comanche will soon have multiple predator aliens to deal with. It has also been suggested that Prey sequels can travel to different time periods to depict a series of interesting confrontations between humans and Predator.

Trachtenberg, for his part, has indicated that he has seen people Prey 2 ideas, but says fans haven’t stumbled upon what he thinks is the best idea of ​​all. The director also recently said in an interview that when he wrote: Preyhe was already thinking about continuing the story so that the “nerd‘ in him to look as far ahead as possible. All of this certainly seems to indicate that Trachtenberg has a strong interest in continuing the story of Naru and her people’s struggle against their alien enemies. Of course it’s important to remember that Prey 2 has not yet been confirmed. But one Prey sequel seems like a strong possibility given its solid performance on Hulu. And if Trachtenberg is indeed busy planning his Prey sequels, then he certainly doesn’t have time to work on Twister 2.

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Source: Dan Trachtenberg/Twitter

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