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Tobin Bell Is Officially Returning For Saw 10

Tobin Bell is making a grand return to the Saw franchise, taking a more active role in the next installment, Saw 10, which is set for Halloween 2023.

Tobin Bell returns as the John Kramer, Jigsaw, Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures begin production on Saw 10 later this month. Saw is a psychological horror franchise that revolves around the mysterious Jigsaw Killer who uses a series of gruesome games in which individuals must hurt themselves or others in order to survive. The first film premiered in 2004 and shocked critics and audiences alike with its extreme body horror and unwavering portrayal of human despair. Saw horror icon, James Wan’s directorial debut, he would go on to create the incantation and treacherous franchises. There are six sequels to the main franchise with 2010’s Saw: The last chapter closing the series’ major events and two spin-off titles jigsaw puzzle and Spiral focused on crimes inspired by the titular killer.


from saw Jigsaw is one of horror’s most iconic movie villains, not least because of Bell’s uniquely dark and introspective performance. John Kramer is a retired civil engineer who dies of an inoperable brain tumor created as a result of his colon cancer. After making an attempt on his own life, John Kramer gains a new appreciation for life and develops a twisted method of offering others the same change of perspective. He creates elaborate games based on his victims’ alleged moral failure to teach them a lesson about taking life for granted. Jigsaw finally met his passing at the end of Saw 3while appearing in flashbacks in subsequent films.

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Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures have officially confirmed that Bell will return to play Jigsaw in the latest episode of Saw scheduled to release next year. Bell returns after not appearing in the previous spin-off movie Spiral, the only film in which the titular character is not portrayed in any form. Franchise regular Kevin Greutert, who edited I saw by means of V and jigsaw puzzle next to directing Saw VI and saw the Last chapter will direct saw 10. Series producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules were excited about Bell’s return, signaling that his iconic character will take an active role in the latest film.

What could the return of the original puzzle mean?

John Kramer is a compelling horror movie character because, despite his monstrous actions, there is a deeply human and tragic motivation behind it. By his own twisted logic, Jigsaw never commits murder, and his victims are blamed when their selfish or impulsive actions cost them their lives. Rather than the typical killing spree often seen in slasher movies, Jigsaw has a method behind his insanity that often only becomes apparent when a victim succumbs to his traps. His return to the franchise in a more active role is welcome news for fans of the series who have long known that his character is essential to the film’s impact and message.

What made the original? Saw The movie so powerful wasn’t the over-the-top gore, better illustrated by later installments in the series, but the mystery and darkness surrounding the Jigsaw killer. Bell’s grand return to the franchise should excite fans yearning for a real one Saw continued for over a decade. Saw 10 will have plenty of new horrific traps and games to play as the film begins production later this month and is expected to release on October 27, 2023.

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Source: Lionsgate, Twisted Pictures

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