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TJ Miller Says He & Ryan Reynolds Have Made Up After Deadpool Comments

TJ Miller confirms that he and Ryan Reynolds have reconciled after Miller’s comments about tension between the actors on the Deadpool set.

TJ Miller addresses his feud with Ryan Reynolds over his comments about what happened on the… Deadpool set. Both actors played together in Deadpool and Deadpool 2, Fox movies based on the funny Marvel comic character of the same name. Reynolds starred as the titular antihero and will reprise the role in the coming Deadpool 3while Miller portrayed his friend Weasel.

The Deadpool franchise has been a huge commercial and critical success since the first installment was released in 2016. Reynolds’ performance was highly acclaimed, as was the movies’ mature humor and faithfulness to the original comic books. Recently, however, there has been some controversy over the films. Miller discussed his experience creating the Deadpool films in an October 8 interview with Adam Corolla and surprised listeners when he claimed he would never work with Reynolds again, stating that the actor “hated him”.


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Miller confirms he and Reynolds have reconciled since his comments about their strained relationship in a new interview with SiriusXM’s Jim Norton & Sam Roberts, according to THR. When asked about the status of the actors’ relationship, Miller describes how Reynolds contacted him immediately after his comments were released, and the situation was quickly resolved. Miller goes on to praise Reynolds’ talent and express his frustration at the media’s relentless focus on negativity. “I didn’t think I’d said anything so negative,” explains the actor, “I’m sorry it was picked up and misconstrued. Secure. But no, it was the next day… he and I talked, and it’s fineMiller adds:

“It was really cool for him to say, ‘Hey, you know, I just heard on the show that you were mad about this.’ And I kind of said, ‘You know, I’m not,’ and then we just got it out real quick.”

What TJ Miller and Ryan Reynolds Reconcile Means for Deadpool 3

For better or for worse, on-set feuds can have an effect on the outcome of an upcoming project. While the negative press can certainly create more buzz around a movie, it can also run the risk of it not happening at all. For example, around the supposed voltage, press the don’t worry baby set may have indirectly contributed to the film’s box office success. On the other hand, the very public fight between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall may have been the deciding factor in taking away a third Sex and the city continuation. In addition, the dissonance between fiction and reality can come as a shock to audiences who have become familiar with, or even love, an on-screen friendship.

Happy, Deadpool fans can rest assured that all is well between Deadpool and Weasel, both on screen and in real life. While Miller is unlikely to appear in Deadpool 3, the chances of a surprise return are slightly higher now that the actor and Reynolds are on good terms. While the reconciliation is still fresh, Miller may reconsider his earlier promise to never work with Reynolds again, and audiences can hope to see the comic book friendship on screen again.

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Source: Jim Norton & Sam Roberts (via THR)

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