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The Soundtrack to Kid Cudi and Netflix’s Entergalactic Drops Today

Riding high on the success of EntergalacticNetflix is ​​out now Entergalactic: Soundtrack from the Netflix Special. Entergalactic is a unique addition to the streaming service’s catalog, as it’s part music video, part full-length animated film, and based entirely on a pre-existing album of the same name by Kid Cudi. In reality, Entergalactic came about because Cudi wanted to avoid the traditional music video route often taken by artists looking to support a new album, and instead pitched the animated project onto Netflix.


Entergalactic features a star-studded cast that includes recording artist Scott Mescudi himself, Timothée Chalamet, Jessica Williams and Ty Dolla $ign. The story revolves around Cudi’s character, Jabari, an aspiring artist living in Manhattan who falls in love with his neighbor, played by Williams. Entergalactic quickly received critical acclaim, not only for Cudi’s strong music and captivating story, but also for its distinctive animation style.

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Be sure to come and have a look Entergalactic: Soundtrack from the Netflix Special, which centers on the lush underscore written especially for the animated experience. It perfectly complements Kid Cudi’s album and the Netflix special, rounding out a trilogy that sheds light on all key aspects of Cudi’s vision executed.

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Entergalactic: Soundtrack from the Netflix Special, Entirely produced by Dot Da Genius

although Entergalactic is primarily a showcase of Kid Cudi’s new music, the underscore for the show was produced by Dot Da Genius. Dot Da Genius is Kid Cudi’s longtime producer as the pair first met in 2006 and became fast friends and fast collaborators. Dot Da Genius contributed to most of Kid Cudi’s best-known albums, such as A child named Cudi, Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. interdental brushand Man on the Moon III: The Chosen. Dot Da Genius was the natural choice for filling gaps between songs in Netflix’s Entergalacticespecially because he produced the album of the same name.

Leaning on warm synthesizers and lo-fi beats, the work of Dot Da Genius Entergalactic is a perfect complement to the special’s animated world and romantic storyline. Despite the fact that Entergalactic marks Dot Da Genius’ first foray into film music, it wouldn’t be surprising if this offering led to a lot more work in the field for the hit producer. Listen up until Entergalactic: Soundtrack from the Netflix Special wherever you stream music as the album is available on Spotify, Apple Music and other services.

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Entergalactic is available to stream on Netflix, and the soundtrack is available to stream now.



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