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The Shining’s Shelley Duvall Is Back After 20 Years in New Horror Movie

The shiningShelley Duvall’s Return to Acting in Over 20 Years in New Horror Movie forest hills. She is best known for her role as Wendy Torrance in Stanley Kubrick’s psychological thriller. The shiningBased on Stephen King’s novel, Duvall has received acclaim for her performances in several films such as Brewster McCloud (1970), Annie Hall (1977), and popeye (1980) throughout her career. The Emmy and BAFTA nominated actress has also produced many children’s series, including the beloved fairytale theatre, before announcing she was retiring from acting after her performance in the 2002 indie comedy, Manna from heaven.


Duvall has a complicated history with Hollywood and has spoken out against The shiningKubrick’s director over the years since its release. Known for his unconventional and intense directing techniques, Kubrick had pushed not only Duvall but also co-star Jack Nicholson to the limit during filming, often embarrassing Duvall on set. Though the dust has settled between the two, Duvall appeared on a controversial dr. Philo episode in 2016, where she discusses her struggle with mental illness. The appearance was criticized by Kubrick’s daughter, Vivian Kubrick, for using someone who was visibly mentally traumatized for entertainment. However, the tide has since changed for Duvall, with the Razzies winning her Worst Actress nomination The shiningand the industry acknowledging its mistreatment.

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Now Shelley Duvall will star in her first role in over 20 years in the new horror film, titled forest hillsreports Weekly entertainment. The film is directed by writer Scott Goldberg and stars Edward Furlong, Chiko Mendez and Dee Wallace. It follows Mendez as Rico, a man who begins to have nightmarish visions after sustaining a head injury while camping in the rural Catskill mountains. Duvall plays Rico’s mother. The first photo of Duvall’s comeback in forest hills seen above.

Why Forest Hills is perfect for Duvall’s comeback

Although it seems that Duvall is not the main character of forest hills, the role gives the actress a unique opportunity to star in a character similar to hers in The shining, where Duvalls portrays a mother navigating a horrific experience and doing everything she can to protect her family. During forest hillsDuvall’s character is supposed to be a leading voice for her son, Rico, but that’s the exact opposite of the stunned Wendy Torrance that viewers know and love in The shining. Although Duvall has left the horror genre throughout her career, she has proven to have the range of emotions to take on such characters. Having her comeback in a thriller like forest hills is a smart move, because it will be exciting to see her return in those kinds of movies.

As forest hills is an independent film, it also takes the pressure off to perform and is a blockbuster at the box office. Indie films often pay more attention to the craft than to the marketability of the film, which is good for Duvall, who can use her skills to create a memorable performance. While it’s not Duvall’s sole responsibility to make forest hills is a success, she will certainly be a factor in how the film performs, and has the star power to draw audiences to her. Hopefully, forest hills will allow Duvall to make the most of her acting comeback and give her the final say on her Hollywood legacy.

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Source: EW



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