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The Sandman’s Constantine Actor Reacts To Keanu Reeves’ Constantine 2

The Sandman’s Constantine actor Jenna Coleman responds to Keanu Reeves’ Constantine 2, jokingly taking credit for the film’s development.

As audiences continue to celebrate the film’s development the sandmanConstantine Actor Jenna Coleman Shares Her Response to Keanu Reeves Constantine 2. Coleman starred in Netflix’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s beloved comic book series as Johanna Constantine, a female version of the British occult detective who helps Tom Sturridge’s Morpheus regain his totems of power. Despite initial controversy over John’s move to Johanna Constantine, Coleman ultimately scored strong reviews for her turn in the sandmanwith many eager to see more of her in the future.


Before Coleman returns, though, the public can look forward to Keanu Reeves returning for Constantine 2, a sequel the actor has long wanted to make and was recently confirmed to be in development with original director Francis Lawrence also returning. Warner Bros.’ shift to the new movie eventually resulted in the cancellation of the HBO Max reboot with His house‘s Sope Dirisu has been in conversation with the star. While the future of the sandman remains unclear, a star turns to Reeves who takes a step back from his cult-favorite role.

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In a recent interview with The Hollywood ReporterJenna Coleman Was Asked About Keanu Reeves’ Constantine 2 come of the ground. The sandman Constantine actor commented that she couldn’t offer much about the project but joked that her work was key to the film finally moving forward. See what Coleman said below:

I couldn’t comment, but Constantine in his and her many forms seems to be making a bit of a comeback. I would gladly take the credit for it!

Johanna Constantine’s potential future explained

While Coleman may not give a good explanation about Reeves’ Constantine 2Her interest in seeing more of the occult detective on screen is sure to resonate with fans of the character. Even before the sandmanColeman had expressed an interest in directing a spin-off show from Johanna Constantine, after she also recently mentioned that Gaiman is similarly interested in making the project a reality and is currently developing a potential idea with showrunner Allan Heinberg. Since Netflix has yet to give the green light the sandman season 2, it’s understandable that Coleman’s Constantine spin-off might not get off the ground eventually, though her dedication to the character speaks volumes for fans eager to see respectful portrayals of the beloved character.

Even if Coleman doesn’t come back for a… sandman spin-off, at least Constantine’s future on the screen has Keanu Reeves’ Constantine 2 to look forward to. Despite receiving mixed reviews at the time of release, the original Constantine The film has garnered a cult following in the years since, and Reeves has often spoken of his hopes of reprising the character, even mentioning that he’d tried and failed to sell WB over the years. While the audience waits for updates on Coleman and Reeves’ future in the role, they can catch up on the sandman streaming on Netflix and Reeves’ Constantine streaming on HBO Max.

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