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The Lair Trailer Reveals The Descent Director’s Return To Horror Movies

Famed horror director Neil Marshall is officially back in the horror genre with the release of the first official the cave trailer. He rose to horror fame with the release of his debut film Dog Soldiers in 2002 and The descent in 2005 Marshall made a detour to other genres with the sci-fi film Judgement day and historical action war pic centurion. Marshall then first dived into his role of television director with Game of Thrones, Constantine, Hannibal, west worldand Lost in space before returning to the big screen with his 2019 reboot of hellboy and 2020 movie the check.


the cave will focus on a Royal Air Force pilot who takes refuge in an abandoned bunker, who unwittingly releases half-human, half-alien creatures after her plane is shot down in Afghanistan. It was previously announced that the cave would see Charlotte Kirk lead the cast as Capt. Kate Sinclair along with Mark Arends as Pvt. Dwayne Everett and Hadi Khanjanpour as Kabir, Jonathan Howard, Jamie Bamber, Tanji Kibong, Leon Ockenden and Mark Strepan. Production on the cave began in mid-2021, and now after its premiere at this year’s FrightFest, audiences are getting their first glimpse of the action-horror movie.

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As the Halloween season begins, RLJE movies revealed the first official the cave trailer. The video offers the first look at The descent Director Neil Marshall’s latest return to the horror genre as a team of combat soldiers discover an underground facility full of monstrous creatures bent on killing everything in sight. Watch the trailer above:

What to expect from The Lair

The upcoming horror movie the cave Will Marshall And Kirk Reunite After Their 2020 Sorceress Movie the checkMarshall and Kirk co-wrote the screenplay with Edward Evers-Swindell. the cave will also see Marshall and Kirk sharing the screenwriting duties, and will see Kirk again as the film’s protagonist in a match-up that quickly becomes a Marshall horror chapter. If the two continued to collaborate on other genre projects, they would follow in the footsteps of The Haunting of Hill House‘s Mike Flanagan and Kate Siegel, who has appeared in almost all of his projects since 2013 Oculus.

the cave trailer already evokes similar feelings as The descent in its claustrophobic way, along with an extreme visual absence of light, giving Marshall fans a small taste of genre nostalgia and giving hope that his upcoming horror movie will be an instant hit among genre and Marshall fans. the cave will be available in theaters on October 28, digitally and on demand. Shudder has also acquired the rights to the upcoming film, which is expected to hit the streamer sometime in 2023.

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