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The Friendship Game Clip Teases A Terrifying Test Of Loyalty

screen frenzy proudly presents an exclusive new clip of RLJE Films’ latest horror thriller, The friendship game. The film follows four teenage friends who discover a strange object that draws them into a game that will test their loyalty and sanity with devastating consequences the more deeply entrenched they become. The friendship game will be available in theaters, On Demand and on digital platforms on November 11.

The horror film stars an impressive young cast led by Peyton List (Cobra Kai) Including Brendan Meyer (The OA), Kelcey Mawema (Superman & Lois), Kaitlyn Santa Juana (The flash), and Dylan Schombing (guards). The friendship game will test each of the players with fears that come to the surface, especially after Cotton Allen (Juana) goes missing. The game will question the friends’ loyalty to each other as they have to keep playing to try and find their missing companion.

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screen frenzyThe exclusive clip begins with Cotton entranced by a small mysterious object and the woman selling it immediately asking the teen if she knows who her friends are. The woman continues to ominously explain to Cotton that the object is a game she can play with her real friends, warning her that if the friendships don’t survive the game, neither will the players. When Zooza (List) arrives, the object arouses her own curiosity, the seller reveals the rules of the game.

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More about the friendship game

The new horror movie leans towards the intense friendships of high school, loyalty issues and the fear of losing these friendships. The friendship game Addresses internalized and psychological anxieties with Zooza’s own deeply riddled issues of abandonment brought to the surface by the game’s devastating pressures and repercussions. When Cotton goes missing, it seems the fear and desperation of the other teens will pull them deeper into the dangerous clutches of the game. The friendship game is directed by Scooter Corkle and is his first long foray into horror after his feature film debut in 2017 Hollow in tHe land. The film is written by ‘s Damien Ober.

The friendship is distributed by RLJE Films, which already has an impressive number of films to its name. These include the sci-fi thriller with Karen Gillan and Aaron Paul, the Nicolas Cage-led horror western Ghostland prisonersand the mystery littered with stars Last looks. The friendship has a run time of 87 minutes and has not yet been rated.

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The friendship hits theaters November 11, Video On Demand and Digital.



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