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The Flash Movie Trailer Reportedly Won’t Release Until 2023

Despite the filming being wrapped up at the end of 2021, the full The flash movie trailer will reportedly not be released until 2023. The upcoming installment in the DC Universe will draw inspiration from the flash point comic storyline in which Barry Allen travels back in time in hopes of preventing his mother’s murder, but this seriously affects both his and other timelines, opening the door to the multiverse. Ezra Miller returns to lead the cast of The flash in the titular role alongside fellow DCU veterans Kiersey Clemons, Michael Shannon, Antje Traue, Ben Affleck and Temuera Morrison, with the film also introducing Michael Keaton, Ron Livingston, Sasha Calle and Maribel VerdĂș to the superhero franchise.


With less than a year to go before it hits theaters, a new report indicates that: The flash movie trailer will not be released until 2023. the cover news reporter Umberto Gonzalez took to Twitter to confirm the report”accurateand tease when it could be released. See Gonzalez’s post below:

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Which movie can show the Flash trailer?

The decision not to release The flash movie trailer to the year of release will surely come as a surprise to many, as the only trailer shown to the public for the movie is from the 2021 DC FanDome, where Miller admitted that they and their team didn’t have enough footage to to cut together a good follower. Interesting, more Flash film footage was shown at CinemaCon earlier this year, which teased more of Keaton’s Batman return and recreated one of his more iconic lines from the original Tim Burton Batman movie, while also getting a first look at Shannon’s return as Zod and a closer look at Calle’s Supergirl after she’s seen in the background of the sole teaser. However, The flash isn’t the only film whose CinemaCon footage hasn’t been released in the seven months since, with a co-WB title wonka and Lionsgate’s The consumables 4 and border areas all with material that the public has yet to see.

Of The flash movie trailer report indicating it is being saved to be shown before a movie in 2023, then the question becomes which project WB is saving the footage for in 2023. The likely guess seems to be that of Shazam! Anger of the Gods, given the two’s DCU connections and the Zachary Levi-directed film that hit theaters just over three months prior to Miller’s. Some have also started speculating The flash movie trailer can be shown in advance Magic Mike’s Last Dancegiven the high-profile name of Channing Tatum’s franchise, Creed IIIthanks to having our own superhero vets with Michael B. Jordan, Jonathan Majors and Florian Munteanu, or Evil Dead Riseconsidering director Andy Muschietti’s history in the horror genre.

Regardless of what it ends up being screened for, it will be interesting to see if The flash The reported release of the movie trailer in 2023 will have a major impact on the box office outlook. Given the frequent delays to the film’s release date, uncertainty about the DCU’s future plans for Keaton’s Batman, and Miller’s multiple legal controversies, some are already unsure whether the film will eventually perform for the studio, although WB is reportedly already Aquarius writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick to pen The Flash 2, it seems likely that they are not concerned about the financial perspective. However, with the release month also including the arrivals of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Transformers: Rise of the Beastsand Indiana Jones 5Miller’s The flash will have a lot of competition to outrun.

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