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The Conjuring Crooked Man Spinoff Scrapped, Says James Wan

James Wan reveals that The Conjuring’s Crooked Man spin-off has been scrapped, but teases that the character could return in the future.

After spending the better part of five years in development, James Wan has confirmed that: the incantation‘s crooked man spin-off film has been scrapped. The entity was first introduced to the horror franchise in 2016 The incantation 2, one of the many demons Valak was to torment both Ed and Lorraine Warren and the Hodgson family. Development of a Crooked Man spin-off movie was set to be in the works the following year, with Wan writing a story treatment and Mike Van Waes taking care of writing the script, though the progress the two have made seems to be along the way. to go .

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James Wan recently took to his Instagram to share several behind-the-scenes photos of The incantation 2, which gives a new take on Javier Botet’s character The Crooked Man. While celebrating the actor’s work on the film and helping create the terrifying entity, Wan also confirmed that the incantation spin-off film for the character has been scrapped, though teased that the character might return in the future. See Wan’s message below:

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Why destroying the crooked man is good for the wizarding universe?

While important updates have been made for the crooked man during development there was some expectation for: the incantation spin-off thanks to Wan who developed the story and the horror veteran who describes it as a “dark fairytaleHowever, anticipation of the film waned over the years as no real progress was made, with Wan, New Line Cinema and producer Peter Safran moving on instead. the nun and Annabelle prosecute. Of the crooked man now scrapped, this marks the first project in The Conjuring Universe to be officially canceled, as the long-running The nun 2 finally kicked off earlier this year with Taissa Farmiga, Bonnie Aarons and Jonas Bloquet all returning and casting Storm Reid as the new lead for the film.

While the cancellation of a project is generally a disappointment to the creatives involved, the crooked man scrapped may ultimately prove to be in favor of The Conjuring Universe. Many fans of the horror franchise have complained about the increased focus on the various mainline spin-offs conjure movies, missing the presence of Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson’s Lorraine and Ed Warren as they investigate a variety of supernatural cases. The third feature film, The incantation: the devil made me do itcame not only a full five years after its predecessor, but also after four spin-off films, only Annabelle comes home featured new material from the two characters.

Considering the studio now has one less spin-off on their plate with the crooked man now that they’re scrapped, the creatives behind the horror franchise can better focus on the characters audiences have come to know and love. In addition to The nun 2it was recently confirmed that The incantation 4 finally moved on with David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, who previously co-wrote the second and third films, back to write the script. While The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It the lowest reviews of the three main films, you can hope that without the crooked man on their roles and feedback from fans in mind that Johnson-McGoldrick and Wan can put together another terrifying and well-crafted genre outing for the Warrens.

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