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The Blair Witch Project Terrified Kevin Bacon, Says Smile Actor

Despite its own history with the genre, The Blair Witch Project even terrified Kevin Bacon, says Smile actor and daughter Sosie Bacon. The older Bacon actor rose to fame with his role in the original Friday the 13th as one of Mrs. Voorhees before appearing in the horror genre several times over the following decades, including Joel Schumacher’s FlatlinersRon Underwood’s vibrations and that of David Koepp Rudder of echoes. In recent years I have seen Bacon back in the horror field with people like You should have left and she she.


Written and directed by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez, The Blair Witch Project told the story of a group of student filmmakers who venture into a Maryland forest to investigate the titular local legend, only to encounter a series of increasingly terrifying events as they get lost. The film, which hit theaters in 1999, was not only one of the most successful indies of all time, grossing just $250 million over its reported $250,000 production budget, but also garnered widespread acclaim, leading it to be found footage genre became popular. Artisan Entertainment and the director duo behind the film took a memorable approach to “promotion” The Blair Witch Projectan approach that worked on one genre veteran.

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While appearing in the final episode of Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum with her co-star Kyle Gallner, Sosie Bacon reflected on her favorite horror movies. When The Blair Witch Project came on, the Smile star revealed that her father, Kevin Bacon, was terrified of the film and recalls his shocked reaction to it. Check out what Bacon shared below:

You know we got that tape, unobtrusively, VHS in the mail? My father was shocked. We were at our farm and my father said, “Oh my god, I just got this” – he was shaking – “I just got this, I don’t know what it is.”

The Blair Witch Project’s Infamous Marketing Explained

Produced in the early rise of the internet, The Blair Witch Project is considered one of the first successful viral marketing campaigns in cinema history, with the official website devoted to fake police reports about the film’s cast”missingand shared deeper backstory information on the titular local legend. With many believing the film to be real, word of mouth helped The Blair Witch Project to become the sleeper hit it is today. Some movies have similarly tried to recapture the successful viral marketing of their predecessor, the most notable of which was the original clover field movie, which has created multiple websites and fake MySpace profiles to keep the mystery of the film a major talking point among audiences.

Although he has his own past in the horror genre, Kevin Bacon’s own fear of… The Blair Witch Project is certainly a testament to some of the film’s effective nature. While it lacks some of the jumpscares and definitive answers audiences have come to expect from modern horror films, genre fans will be sure that it stands the test of time as one of the better found footage efforts nearly 25 years after it hit the shelves. cinema appeared. The public can visit again The Blair Witch Project streaming now on Hulu, HBO Max, Paramount+ and Tubi.

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