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Terrifier 2 Was Written to Include Teases for Terrifier 3

terrier 2 Writer-director Damien Leone has revealed that the film was written with the intention of getting a sequel with a potential terrier 3. The original movie from 2016 Terrier was far from the first film starring the murderous Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton), which was originally introduced in short films directed by Leone, as well as the full-length anthology All Saints Eve from 2013, incorporating material from those short films. Terrierwhich had a budget of $100,000 and followed Art as he went on a murderous raid through a small town on Halloween night, had a limited theatrical release and received mixed reviews.


That didn’t stop Leone from bringing Art back to the big screen, though terrier 2, which has a sturdier but still extremely small budget of $250,000. This gamble paid off and the movie – which lasts over 2 hours – paid off, like terrier 2 has garnered positive reviews and made $6.3 million at the box office at the time of writing. The sequel follows a resurrected Art the Clown, who commits grisly murders in the city while stalking teenage Sienna Shaw (Lauren LaVera) and her little brother Jonathan (Elliott Fullam), who wants to dress up as art for Halloween.

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Variety recently sat down with Leone to discuss the enormous success of terrier 2. During the conversation, they discussed the potential for terrier 3. Although the director said he didn’t want to bring the franchise down, he wrote the film with the intention of a sequel – possibly two sequels. He revealed that “there are so many questions in part 2 that are not answered, and that was part of the design because i know i’m going to part 3.Read his full quote below:

I had part 3 in mind when I wrote part 2. There are so many questions in part 2 that are not answered, and that was part of the design because I know I’m going to part 3. the whole treatment ready for part 3 but it will be so big it could possibly be split into part 4 as i wouldn’t want to make another 2hr 20min movie. So we’ll see.

My fear is that eventually the well dries up, we end up jumping the shark, there will be nothing left to say with this character. It happens to a lot of franchises that I’m still a huge fan of. I’ve watched all these part 10’s and part 13’s, but sometimes that can really ruin the whole franchise. If they die out or don’t have this satisfying arc, or the movie moves in a different direction, that could be devastating to your overall franchise. I want to try to avoid that.

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Will Terrifier 3 Happen?

Given the responses to terrier 2, it is very likely that sooner or later the film will earn a sequel, fulfilling Leone’s promise. Not only has it delivered a huge return on investment, it’s the first horror film in quite some time to gain a reputation for onlookers getting physically sick during screenings. While this may not seem like a huge draw to some people, this is the same kind of coverage that helped create the original. the exorcist such a huge success in 1973.

Really, the idea of ​​a sequel for terrier 2 is more a matter of when instead of if. There is also the question of what fans can expect at a budget level. Given the box office success, producers may see fit to potentially push the budget to $1 million, and invest even more in publicity now that the Terrier movie franchise has built a reputation for uninhibited horror.

Source: Variety

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