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Terrifier 2 Box Office Is Already 30 Times Bigger Than Its Budget

Over the Halloween weekend, the clown slasher Terrifier 2 will gross its domestic box office at $7.63 million, which is more than 30 times its $250,000 budget.

terrier 2 has now earned more than 30 times its budget at the box office. The latest outing for slasher villain Art the Clown, the film is written and directed by Damien Leone for just $250,000. The film, set one year after the events of 2016 Terriersees the vicious killer take on teenage Sienna Shaw (Lauren LaVera) and her younger brother Jonathan (Elliott Fullam) on Halloween night in their small town.


terrier 2‘s box office is something remarkable for experts to behold. It originally opened on October 6 in 770 theaters with a relatively meager total of $805,000, but its release got bigger and bigger every week, to the point that it played in more than 1,500 theaters this weekend. That’s just under half the number of theaters currently playing the massive franchise effort Halloween endswhich came out on October 14.

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Per Variety, terrier 2 took in another $1.8 million over the Halloween weekend, bringing the domestic total to $7.63 million. It remains to be seen whether the film will continue to reign over next weekend, as its streaming debut comes tomorrow on Halloween night. For now, though, it took the #8 slot for the weekend, just below the other horror deals Halloween ends, Smileand Prey for the deviland above Oscar contenders The woman king and tar.

One of the most shocking things about terrier 2Its great box office run is the fact that it is such a low-budget film with so little publicity and advertising. The film’s audience is based almost entirely on good word of mouth, as viewers report on the film’s uninhibited approach to creating chaos in slasher films. The reports coming in from various professions about some viewers literally throwing up at the cinema while watching the film certainly added to its mystique as well, encouraging many to select it as their Halloween outing.

In general, horror movies have the best chance of turning lesser-known stars and a small budget into a huge return on investment thanks to a solid concept and excited response from viewers. In fact, most of the highest-grossing movies (in terms of budget versus box office) have been in the horror genre, including: Halloween, Paranormal Activityand The Blair Witch Project. While grossing doesn’t even come close to those movies’ staggering totals, terrier 2 can certainly count themselves in their ranks as a notable success for a low-budget shocker.

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Source: Variety

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