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Teriffier 2 Submitted To Oscars In Effort To Troll Academy Awards

terrier 2 has hilariously been submitted for consideration at the Oscars. A sequel to the 2016 indie slasher Terrier, the new film has already made a huge impact worldwide, becoming a sleeper hit at the box office and introducing Art the Clown’s ultra-violent ways to a new group of horror fans. The franchise is quickly building a reputation as a gross, unchecked horror experience, and recently even received kind words from the master of horror himself, Stephen King.


terrier 2The public’s disturbing reputation comes from reports of the audience getting sick and passing out while watching. The slasher sees the return of Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton), the murderous face of the Terrier series, as he once again preys on a group of hapless, unsuspecting victims. This time, Art embarks on more Halloween mayhem, facing teenage Sienna (Lauren LaVera) and her brother Jonathan (Elliott Fullam), while Art finds a friend in a suitably creepy companion known as The Little Pale Girl.

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Now Art the Clown turns his attention to another group of victims. Only this time, he’s looking for Hollywood’s biggest critics. terrier 2 was, somewhat jokingly, entered for the Academy Awards by Bloody disgusting. The campaign is mainly focused on the special effects categories. Fans are also encouraged to use the Twitter tag #OscarsForArt to express their wish for their favorite murderous clown to win the cinema’s top prize. Damn disgusting Managing Director Brad Miska said in a statement:

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“No, it will never really happen. Yes, it’s total nonsense, but you know what? The thought of Academy members having to undergo an extremely unrated horror film that they would otherwise consider inferior? That’s just too much hilarious opportunity to pass up.”

Terrifier 2 may not win Oscars, but it made an impression

Until terrier 2The film’s credit is that the film has received enough buzz to justify major awards ceremonies. terrier 2 has only grown in popularity since its release, surpassing its budget 30 times in less than a month. With its graphics of cannibalism, torture, and its already infamous bedroom scene, the film offers some incredible hands-on effects. Although not for everyone’s stomach, those behind terrier 2 deserve praise for what they have achieved with a relatively small budget.

It’s often said that the Oscars don’t take horror seriously, and while maybe… terrier 2 perhaps not the best choice to represent the genre, his hilarious entry could be a positive step in getting horror properly noticed. The genre is going through a renaissance of sorts, and with horror movies growing in popularity in movie theaters around the world, it’s only a matter of time before ceremonies like the Oscars finally notice the ghostly side of movies. Until then, terrier 2 continues to grow as cinema’s newest, grossest movie villain celebrates its biggest win yet.

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