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Superman vs Black Adam Fight Is Planned As Long-Form Story

Black Adam producer Hiram Garcia promises that Henry Cavill’s fight against Superman will be planned as a long story and not a one-off.

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Black Adam producer Hiram Garcia talks about how Henry Cavill’s fight against Superman will be planned as a long story rather than a one-off. Ever since Dwayne Johnson got his Black Adam solo film green from Warner Bros., the global megastar has promised that the hierarchy of power in the DC universe will change forever with the arrival of his character.

After the film was stuck in development hell for several years, Black Adam officially hits theaters this week, as Johnson joins the ever-expanding DCEU. Over several months, Johnson has emphasized in numerous interviews that one of his big goals with the Black Adam character is to eventually get rid of Cavill’s Superman.


Producer Hiram Garcia explained what he has in mind for Black Adam and Superman’s possible war. In an interview with CinemaBlendthe Black Adam producer emphasized that instead of a one-off battle, the battle would be between his character and Superman “a long form of storytelling”, stating the following:

“It was never about a one-off or just a fight. No, it’s about so much more than that. We really want to do a long form of storytelling and show that these two characters exist in the same universe and go often interact with each other, on the same or opposite sides. Hopefully they will collide someday, but it’s not just about a one fight situation. That was never our dream. That’s what rewards the fans. Fans want feeling a journey between these guys, knowing that these guys exist in the same universe.”


Source: CinemaBlend

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