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Super Mario Bros. Movie Star Defends Chris Pratt’s Voice

The Super Mario Bros. Movie co-star Khary Payton defends Chris Pratt as the voice of the famous plumber. Video game movies have a reputation of uneven quality; it was only recently that these film adaptations were received decently, and even there was some major criticism before they were released. Detective Pikachu initially confused the public with the depiction of a speaking version of the titular Pok√©mon voiced by Ryan Reynolds, but managed to convince them with its fun and inviting premise. Sonic the hedgehog initially a terrible CGI depiction of the character, but a redesign before the film’s release pleased moviegoers, kicking off a successful franchise. Now it looks like The Super Mario Bros. Movie going into the same routine.


After the long-awaited release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer, the public was divided over what was being shown. The design of the characters and the Mushroom Kingdom received much praise, and Jack Black as Bowser’s voice and the humorous scene between him and the penguins were the clear highlights. But Pratt as Mario left people confused about how he sounded, even in a short sound bite. While some could easily accept his interpretation, others were disappointed, feeling that his portrayal was lacking and that he was misplaced in the role.

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One actor who has jumped to Pratt’s defense is his opponent Payton (The living Dead), who plays the King Penguin in the film. Payton speaks with Insider about what he considered to be an overreaction from those on the internet. He is no stranger to being involved in animated productions that have received heavy criticism as he also voiced Cyborg in Teen Titans go!which was led by The Super Mario Bros. Movie‘s directors Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic. Check out Payton’s comment below:

People are always overreacting online… I actually think he does it a bit like this New York Italian guy – like a cousin of ‘The Sopranos’ or something, which I think is a nice look instead of that, ‘It’s a me, a Mario’.

Can Chris Pratt’s Mario Voice Convince Fans?

Payton, an accomplished voice actor, has shown great optimism and confidence in Pratt’s ability to bring the character to life. This comes shortly after dude Teen Titans go! cast member Tara Strong openly felt that the filmmakers should have cast Mario’s original voice actor, Charles Martinet. Payton based his belief on the fact that Horvath and Jelenic will deliver a fun, wacky movie similar to what they did in Teen Titans go! He was reportedly cast shortly after the two directors joined the film, and he recorded all of his dialogue at his Georgia home through the pandemic.

While it’s true that Pratt’s Mario voice is unusual, fans have only heard a small snippet of what will likely be a key speaking role. Payton has probably seen more of the finished product and is in a better position to judge the performance, so it’s worth noting that he’s enjoyed what he’s heard so far. Online discourse has a reputation for jumping to conclusions without the right information, and the public will just have to wait for The Super Mario Bros. Movie is released to form their full opinion of Pratt’s Mario.

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