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Super Mario Bros. Fans Disappointed By Chris Pratt’s Mario Voice

Longtime Nintendo fans are using social media to express their disappointment at Chris Pratt’s Mario voice for Illumination’s upcoming The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The film is an adaptation of Nintendo’s iconic video game franchise, casting Pratt as the heroic plumber of the Mushroom Kingdom. The Super Mario Bros. Movie is scheduled for release on April 27, 2023.

A close collaboration between Nintendo and Illumination Animation, The Super Mario Bros. Movie will bring the worlds of the Mushroom Kingdom back to the big screen for the first time since the critically panned 1993 film Super Mario Bros. Directed by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic, the film gathers an all-star cast of celebrities to take on the roles of some of Nintendo’s most iconic characters, including Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day, Jack Black, Keegan-Michael Key and Seth Rogen. However, the cast of celebrities in the film has been the subject of controversy, and following: The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer’s debut, the public has used social media to express their views on Pratt’s take on Nintendo’s iconic mascot character.


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On Twitter, dedicated Nintendo fans share their reactions to the new trailer and their first impressions of The Super Mario Bros. Moviee is cast. While many praised the film’s animation and Black’s performance as Bowser, Pratt’s Mario voice received criticism from the public, with many arguing that his voice for the character sounds too close to the actor’s normal voice. Others have wondered why Pratt was cast as a professional voice actor. Check out the comments below:

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Can Chris Pratt’s Mario Make a Comeback?

While audiences had joked about Pratt’s Mario portrayal before any footage was released, initial reactions to the actor’s view of the character highlight one of the issues surrounding it. The Super Mario Bros. Movie. While Pratt is no stranger to voice acting, his portrayal of optimistic construction worker Emmet Brickowski in The Lego movie, his castings as Mario and Garfield in Sony’s upcoming animated film have been cited as examples of stunt casting, with studios looking to use the actor’s celebrity appeal to determine if he can capture the character vocally. Featuring Black and Key’s portraits of Bowser and Toad in The Super Mario Bros. Movie With positive reception, it’s clear audiences are willing to embrace a cast of celebrities if their performances are treated well. However, since Pratt has already been the subject of much voice acting criticism and audiences are unimpressed with first impressions of his Mario, it is certain that his voice will be the subject of much scrutiny.

While The Super Mario Bros. MovieThe first poster and trailer have given audiences a glimpse of Illumination’s vibrant and grandiose 3D version of the Mushroom Kingdom, and reactions to Pratt’s Mario voice have dominated the discussion surrounding the film. Despite a faithful art style that reproduces the character’s original video game design, Pratt’s voice may break the viewers’ immersion as it sounds too close to the actor’s normal voice rather than what they would expect from the Italian plumber. While other aspects of the trailer may be warmly received and allay the public’s concerns, it’s clear that: The Super Mario Bros. Movie still facing an uphill battle regarding the cast.

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