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Stranger Things’ Lucas Actor Wants To Play DCEU’s Static Shock

Stranger Things star Caleb McLaughlin, who plays Lucas in the hit Netflix series, reveals his interest in playing Static Shock within the DCEU.

Weird stuff star Caleb McLaughlin wants to play the hero Static shock in the expanded DC universe. Known as Virgil Hawkins, the Milestone Comics/DC hero Static first appeared in 1993 as a metahuman who developed his abilities after being exposed to a radioactive chemical. Inspired by the Spider Man An archetype, Static is a geeky high school student and working-class hero who struggles to balance his responsibilities as a hero with the demands of teenage life. The character has electromagnetic powers and is known for teaming up with other heroes such as the Teen Titans. Static appeared in the animated TV series Static shock, which ran for four seasons from 2000 to 2004 and featured Phil Lamarr as the titular character. A live-action DC movie about the hero is currently in the works.


McLaughlin became famous for his role as Lucas on Weird stuff, part of the core boy group that often acts as the voice of reason and shares a close bond with Sadie Sink’s Max. Outside Weird stuff, the actor starred in movies like Concrete Cowboy and the upcoming movie The redemption. McLaughlin’s charisma and talent as an actor have previously seen him fancast as a live-action version of Marvel Comics hero Miles Morales, landing the actor in a major franchise as an iconic hero. However, McLaughlin has revealed that he has his eyes set on another superhero role.

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At Heroes Comic Con Belgium 2022 in Brussels, McLaughlin revealed which movie roles he hopes to take on in a video posted by Insert coin. He noted that he is open to playing any character who speaks to him, leaving the door open for a variety of future roles. In an exciting response for fans of the DC universe, the actor expressed interest in playing Static Shock specifically. Check out what McLaughlin had to say below:

“What other movie would I like… I want to make a superhero movie. I’d honestly like to play Static Shock… I’d like to do something like a superhero, or even something… it doesn’t matter. I am really open to being any character I feel like I can play everyone fairly It’s really… I feel how I choose my movies is really what appeals to me Also I also develop other projects myself that will come out. Not soon, but soon. But hey, it doesn’t really matter. It’s just what if a project appeals to me and my creativity.”

How static shocks can fit into the DCEU

Given McLaughlin’s rising popularity as an actor, the impending end of Weird stuff, and the development of a live-action Static shock movie, McLaughlin’s proposal could be a real possibility. The actor has proven that he is capable of playing a geeky, funny teenager Weird stuff, a role that also showed the actor’s ability for nuanced and serious character moments. Although little is known about the Michael B. Jordan-produced Static shock film, an update from one of the creators implied that the film is safe under the commotion at Warner Bros. Discovery. With no updates on a potential director or casting news for the film, it’s clear that the long-awaited project is still in its early stages of production, meaning the character is unlikely to appear or be mentioned in upcoming DCEU projects like as The flash film, Blue beetle, or Shazam! Anger of the Gods.

If McLaughlin came to the DCEU as Static, he would be trading one major franchise for another, which could greatly benefit his burgeoning career. Those who do play the part of Static will eventually join the DCEU’s growing roster of young heroes, such as Billy Batson (Asher Angel) and Blue Beetle (Xolo Maridueña). With the addition of a younger generation of hero posts throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe Avengers: Endgame, it is possible that the DCEU is looking for its own sweet crop of teenage heroes for the public to cling to, of which Static shock would probably be an integral part because of the heroes Spider Man agreements.

Source: Insert coin

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