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Steve-O Recalls Original Jackass Movie Stunt He Refused To Do

Jackass star Steve-O reflects on a famous stunt from the original movie that he refused to perform, and how that made the movie even better.

Steve-O remembers a stunt from the original jackass movie he refused to do. jackass premiered as a TV show in 2000 on MTV. Created by Jeff Tremaine, Spike Jonze and star Johnny Knoxville, the guerrilla-style show followed a group of skaters, “stuntmen” and other figures from the early underground scene as they filmed daring jokes and stunts that often involved public humiliation or physical injury. The show ran for three short seasons, but spawned numerous film adaptations, as well as TV spin-offs such as Wildboyz and Viva La Bam.


One of the more legendary members of the original jackass crew was Steve-O. After he started performing in flea market circuses, he was discovered by Tremaine after the jackass co-creator received numerous video submissions from him with his own stunts. Steve-O’s fame has been the jackass franchisee. His public struggle with substance abuse was chronicled on the MTV show Steve-O: Fall and rise, and he enjoyed guest stints on reality shows like Dancing with the stars and the british dating show Love island. He also starred in a short-lived series in the US titled Dr. Steve-O.

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In an interview with Yahoo promoting his recent memoirs A hard kick in the nutsSteve-O remembers the one stunt he refused to do, the famous “Toy Car Up the Butt” stunt from the original jackass movie. The series involved pranking a proctologist by sticking a greased toy car up his ass and asking the doctor for X-rays. The stunt was eventually performed by the late Ryan Dunn, who was killed in a car accident in 2011:

I got all these great images out. And how it worked out for Ryan [Dunn], there was nothing that could be changed to make it better. That was the most iconic, incredible thing we’ve ever filmed.

Other stunts the Jackass actors refused to do

The “Toy Car Up the Butt” Stunt Wasn’t the Only Stunt jackass actors refused to act. In an earlier interview, Steve-O recounted how they once planned to put the cast in a bouncy castle and send it down a ski-jumping ramp, but when they realized the generator that would keep the structure inflated would be right behind them, they decided it was too much. dangerous to try. Knoxville has also said that Steve-O flatly refuses to bungee jump, while he himself now tends to forgo anything related to the cold.

It’s somewhat surprising that Steve-O refuses to bungee jump, as he has proven that he has no fear of heights after sticking himself to a Hollywood billboard promoting a special. Cold weather for Knoxville also seems like a rather mundane red line, given the much more dangerous hijinks he’s performed, including brain damage after resisting an attack from an attacking bull. But all humans have their limits, and after all the bizarre and potentially deadly stunts of the past few decades, it makes sense that the jackass the crew’s remaining fears would lie in more mundane traps.

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Source: Yahoo

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