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Stephen King Shares His Halloween Ends Review

Horror legend Stephen King shares his review of Halloween Ends, which seems more positive than the trilogy ender’s critical reception thus far.

Renowned horror author Stephen King shares his Halloween ends review. Since his debut novel career, King has practically created his own subgenre in horror. He quickly became a household name thanks to his acclaimed books, with much of his work being adapted for the big screen, including Stanley Kubrick’s The shiningDavid Cronenberg’s The dead zoneRob Reiner’s Troubleand Andy Muschietti’s It. King has also continued to show vocal support for the horror genre in cinema, praising newer projects such as Smile, I came byand the newest Halloween movies.


Directed and co-written by David Gordon Green, Halloween ends sees the return of Jamie Lee Curtis in her final appearance as the eponymous Final Girl. Four years after the events of Halloween killsIn which murderer Michael Myers survived an ambush by a Haddonfield mob and killed Karen Nelson (Judy Greer), Strode reconciles with past trauma by writing her memoir. However, after a chance meeting with Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell), she begins to fear that Myers is back.

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utilities, King takes to social media to share his review of the latest movie in the latest Halloween trilogy, Halloween ends. The legendary author praises Halloween ends noting how it is, doesn’t push the genre in new directions, but is”surprisingly character driven.” This will come as a relief to many fans, as the reactions to Halloween kills wasn’t too positive.

Halloween Ends has so far divided critics

Although King seems to have appreciated the final H40 movie, Halloween ends has since received mixed reviews from critics and fans alike. Curtis’ final performance as Strode has been widely praised, but critics denounced the film’s messy plot, lack of terror, and unsatisfactory ending. Currently, Halloween ends sits on a 45% Rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes with a 60% audience rating. However, the scores are likely to fluctuate as more reviews pour in.

although Halloween ends received less than favorable scores, it will likely have little impact on the continuation of the long-running franchise. Different from the original Halloween (1978) and the last reboot, Halloween (2018), all films in the franchise have a Rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Even with Halloween ends‘ low score, it has the fourth highest score of the 12 Myers films. Of Halloween ends premiering simultaneously in theaters and on Peacock today, audiences can decide whether the film is a fitting conclusion to Curtis’ iconic portrayal as Strode.

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Source: Stephen King/Twitter

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