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Stephen King Has Hilarious Reaction To Terrifier 2

Renowned horror writer Stephen King has offered his short and funny review of yet another 2022 horror film, the gory Terrifier sequel Terrifier 2.

As the film continues to make headlines with its limited theatrical release, Stephen King has weighed in on terrier 2. This year, some incredible horror titles have seen the light of day, as well as the continuation of many classic franchises such as Halloween Hellraiser, and Be: first kill. Written and directed by Damien Leone, terrier 2 has revived yet another slasher franchise, bringing Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton) back to the big screen to continue his demonic and gory mission on another Halloween night. The micro-budget film, which earned some of its budget from an Indiegogo campaign, was originally planned as a limited release and has now been released on 800 screens in the U.S.


In a renaissance year for horror, Stephen King, a renowned writer of the genre, has spoken out on several film releases. The author, who rose to fame as a horror author over 40 years ago, has created many successful stories that spawned movie franchises like The shining and It. While King’s stories are often adapted for the big screen, the author has a true love for the genre and is happy to support horror films outside of his own film, including a particularly rave recent review from fall. Now he has his take on scare 2.

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King tweeted his funny and short response to the film, acknowledging the gore factor with a simple sentence. His mention of the film’s “old-fashioned” style gives a nod to the practical effects and classic over-the-top slasher style used in the film. While King’s post keeps it simple, the acclaimed writer’s reference to the film “rough” him out is much praise from him. See the message above:

Franchise villain Art the Clown actually appeared before 2016, in Leone’s 2013 anthology film All Saints Eve. The original scare, also at the helm of Leone, was relatively recent, came out in 2016 but had a long delay before the sequel came. terrier 2 managed to surpass both films in terms of publicity, thanks to reports of viewers fainting and vomiting at screenings, the Indiegogo campaign, and pure word of mouth. The sequel has also received a boost in the Rotten Tomatoes score, from a 56 percent approval rating from critics for Terrier up to an 87 percent for scare 2.

terrier 2 is a rare case of a horror sequel that surpasses the box office and popularity of the original. The unique horror film clearly impressed the audience during the screenings by the violence and gruesome actions of the villain from the franchise. terrier 2 relies more on gore and gore and less on traditional jumpscares or suspense, building on Art’s story and adding some good old-fashioned slasher content to the impressive 2022 horror list. Audiences can decide for themselves whether they agree with King’s review with terrier 2 in select theaters across the country.

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