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Star Wars Reveals Surprising Way Yoda Survived On Dagobah

an upcoming Star Wars book reveals new details about how Yoda survived on Dagobah. Yoda was first introduced in the 1980 sequel The Empire Strikes Back as a Jedi Master hiding alone on the planet Dagobah. The audience sees Luke Skywalker fly his X-Wing to the planet, where he meets Yoda and begins training to take on Darth Vader and the rest of the Empire.

Yoda first went into hiding on Dagobah under the infamous Order 66, Darth Sidious’s order that ordered the execution of all remaining Jedi, as seen in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. However, like Star Wars fans know that not all Jedi were eliminated, including Yoda, who would spend 20 years alone, hiding on the swampy planet before Luke arrived. Many fans have also taken note of Yoda’s bliss, a small musical instrument he often wore around his neck, and while most thought it was just part of the character’s wardrobe, luck played a much more important role than many might imagine. realize.


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At New York Comic Con 2022, Star Wars’ Lucasfilm Publishing revealed details from an upcoming book detailing the importance of Yoda’s bliss. According to the book Star Wars: 100 Objects by Kristin Baver, out April 4, 2023, Yoda understood the benefits of music for their own mental health. So, after he made the bliss, he would play tunes that were in sync with the natural sounds that surround him on the planet, helping him cope with the loneliness. Watch the fragment from Star Wars: 100 Objects detailing Yoda’s bliss below:

Dagobah’s lush ecosystem, strong in the Force, also provided him with the means to create the bliss. This little pipe instrument from his days of isolation suggests that Yoda instinctively understood the psychological benefits of creating an artifact and experiencing a moment of joy, despite the widespread turmoil plaguing the galaxy.It is intriguing to think of Yoda, always deeply in touch with the Force, alone on Dagobah but surrounded by a landscape teeming with life, and finding solace in music.Perhaps Yoda during his last days have tried to add a tune to the blissl, his own melody to the chorus of the natural world around him.”

Other Small But Important Details in the Star Wars Franchise

The Star Wars franchise is littered with small details for casual and die-hard fans alike. More common things that some audiences may notice are cameos, such as C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels serving as a club patron in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones or George Lucas as Notluwiski Papanoida in Revenge of the Sith. However, there are also small details, such as Yoda’s bliss, that help inform the characters. For example in 2018 Solo: A Star Wars Storya scar was added to Alden Ehrenreich’s chin to match a scar on Harrison Ford’s chin, while in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, when R2-D2 can be seen briefly tripping a battle droid in the background, showing that he’s making a small effort to do what he can for the war effort. The movies offer even more subtle moments built into shots to predict character development, just like Episode III‘s scene where Anakin and Obi-Wan meet for the last time as friends, where Obi-Wan is in the light and Anakin is in the shadow.

While the franchise also has more subtle nods to other things hidden in the background, such as the idol of Raiders of the Lost Ark in the background of Solo: A Star Wars Story, the series has always been one of adding little touches for fans. The franchise has also seen small objects, such as Yoda’s bliss, take on a more defined background over time as the movies and shows expand the established canon. And since Yoda’s bliss is only one of the 100 objects in the book, Star Wars fans have many more unique details about the universe to look forward to.

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