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Star Wars’ New Movie Delays Are A Good Thing… For Now

These years without movies have allowed Disney to carefully plan its content and make its TV shows thrive, but is Star Wars missing its movie magic?

It’s been three years since the last Star Wars movie, but the delay is actually good for the franchise, at least for now. Last month saw Star Wars‘ film calendar wiped clean for the foreseeable future, due to the indefinite delay of Rogue Squadron. As the only movie that was on the release schedule at the time, it will be a few more years before a new one Star Wars movie is released. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

First, the many years between movies have given Star Wars time to let his Disney+ shows breathe and find an appreciative audience at home. The Disney+ shows were a welcome change. Mainly, Andoro proves how compelling, original and mature Star Wars programming can be used to tell stories unseen elsewhere in the franchise, while Lando and The Mandalorian Season 3 will once again engage audiences with some of their favorite characters. Even a show like Ahsokathat revolves around a lover The Clone Wars character, offers the exciting potential to expand the hero’s story while exploring different sides of the greater universe. But while the TV shows were entertaining and often refreshing, they lacked a cohesive plan for… Star Wars‘ movie future leaves such shows without the anticipatory build-up to the big occasion in cinemas. And Star Wars is a movie franchise if there ever was one.


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Which Star Wars movies are even happening?

Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins was slated to direct Rogue Squadron with an original release date of Christmas 2023. After initial production delays were revealed in November 2021, reportedly due to scheduling conflicts, the film was eventually removed from Disney’s release calendar in September 2022. Oscar-winning and returning MCU director Taika Waititi is in the early stages of planning a Star Wars film, but there is little concrete information about when the public should expect it, although Kathleen Kennedy said: in may it will probably be next Star Wars movie to come. A Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy was drafted, but like the Star Wars: The Last Jedic director is busy with his Blades off projects, it will be a long time before it hits the big screen, if ever. Finally, there is a Kevin Feige Star Wars project in the works, but very little is known about it at this point, let alone a possible release date.

Why Star Wars Need To Fix Their Movie Plan Sooner Than Later

Understandably, Disney has chosen to take the time for the next one Star Wars movie. It has given Lucasfilm an opportunity to reflect on why Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker division was received, and also why? Solo: A Star Wars Story had a disappointing box office performance. This way, the companies can revise their content plan in the future and possibly with more quality control. The delay has also given Disney+’s grueling schedule the space to shine on their own terms. They probably wouldn’t have gotten as much attention if movies had been released at the same time.

But the disappointments of both Solo And, in particular The Rise of Skywalker some disillusioned by Star Wars‘ direction under Disney. If the purpose of taking away from film production was to assess and improve the quality of film releases, then sooner rather than later it must be realized on the big screen in order to win over audiences again. It can remind them how special and special Star Wars movies that are brilliantly executed can be, provided the wait isn’t for it at long.

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