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Stallone & Schwarzenegger’s Friendship Thrives In Halloween Picture

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger use big old knives to carve Halloween pumpkins together in a fun new photo posted to social media.

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger prove their friendship blossoms by carving Halloween pumpkins together. Stallone became the biggest action star of the ’80s thanks to his iconic roles in the rocky and Rambo franchises. But Schwarzenegger quickly overshadowed him thanks to his own action-packed hit movies like the terminator, command and Total Recall.

Given their battle for the title of Hollywood’s biggest action star, it was probably natural that Stallone and Schwarzenegger would become bitter rivals. But in later years, the stripped-down superstars were fortunately able to bury the hatchet and even appeared in a handful of movies together. In addition to sharing the screen in The expendables series, Stallone and Schwarzenegger also teamed up for the 2013 film Escape plan.


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Whether Stallone and Schwarzenegger will ever team up on screen again, no one can say. But in real life, the couple seems to keep their friendship alive, at least pass them by Schwarzenegger‘s new Twitter post. In the photo, the screen icons can be seen in the very impressive trophy room of Schwarzenegger carving jack-o-lanterns using a pair of knives that would be at home in a Rambo movie. See the fun photo in space below:

What’s next for Stallone & Schwarzenegger

Stallone and Schwarzenegger, as previously mentioned, became huge movie stars in the 1980s and will remain big global names in 2022. But the landscape has now shifted so much that even superstars like these are turning to the small screen in search of acting opportunities. Stallone is indeed poised to make his scripted TV series starring debut in the upcoming Tulsa King, a Paramount+ gangster show from producer Taylor Sheridan. Schwarzenegger is also ready to go the small screen route in the series utapa Netflix show about a father and daughter spy team, spawned from the actor’s blockbuster ’90s true lies.

But while Schwarzenegger and Stallone are both diving into TV’s ever-deeper waters for the first time, they both still have big-screen projects lined up. In fact, Schwarzenegger plans to revisit two of his biggest hit movies, starring Twins continuation triplets and the Conan follow up The Legend of Conan. Stallone, meanwhile, is ready to follow up on his recent gritty superhero movie Samaritan with a return in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and round again when Barney Ross comes in The consumables 4. Stallone is also in line Little America, a dystopian science fiction film. Of course, fans of both stars want to know if they’ll ever team up on the big screen again, but so far there are no big plans. But given their ongoing friendship, it seems likely that Stallone and Schwarzenegger will find another opportunity to make a movie together.

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Source: Arnold Schwarzenegger/Twitter

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