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Spawn Movie Moves Ahead With Joker & Captain America 4 Writers

The spawn film has put together a writing team with one of the minds behind it joker and another token in the coming Captain America: New World Order. Created by Todd McFarlane, Spawn has a horrifying origin story, after being burned during a betrayal by his special agent comrades. His real name Albert Francis Simmons, he was given the chance to return to Earth, but at the cost of his memories, body and five years of time. Spawn, with his demonic appearance, has extensive superhuman powers bestowed on him from hell, and his work as an assassin prior to his “death” made him a skilled marksman. spawn first ran as a comic book before being adapted as a feature film in 1997 and an Emmy-winning animated series from 1997 to 1999.


A reboot movie for Spawn has been in the works for several years now. Jamie Foxx, a seasoned player when it comes to superheroes, appeared twice as Electro in the Spider Man franchise, will star. McFarlane has been heavily involved in the film’s development process, including writing a script for the project.

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Now, per THRScott Silver, one half of the Oscar-nominated writing team behind joker and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier creator Malcolm Spellman, who also co-writes Captain America: New World Order, are enabled to write a new script. They are joined by newcomer Matt Mixon, known for his work in documentaries. Although McFarlane considered directing the film, he is less certain now. Of the latest development, McFarlane said: “If we have an A-list actor, A-list producers, A-list writers, do you want to shoot for A-list directors, A-list cinematographers? The answer is, “Of course.” Let’s keep the momentum going.Meanwhile, Spellman explained: that he is honored to spawn order. Read his comments below:

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I grew up in Berkeley, a comic book town. Todd McFarlane’s Spawn character was always one of my favorites – a black superhero who wasn’t bullshit, he was cool and dealt with modern day issues. Myself, Matt Mixon and Scott Silver have vowed to honor what Todd started and what Spawn is at its core, by delivering something that is relevant and edgy and unlike any other superhero movie out there.

How could this spawn movie be different from the original?

The original spawn hit the screen well before the anti-hero craze that started after Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool went nuclear, among critics and the public alike. In the decades since the 1990s, CGI work has dramatically improved and viewers’ appetites for heroes with no morals have changed, as comic book hits make up four of the top ten highest-grossing R-rated movies of all time. While the original film was rated PG-13, McFarlane has made it clear that he likes the spawn reboot to get an R, which seems more likely with Silver’s involvement.

The addition of the new writing team means that the spawn reboot is probably closer than ever before. Silver, Spellman and Mixon are an exciting combination and each brings something different to the table. Spellman knows how to create a successful superhero project with broad appeal, as well as how to create a star vehicle for a much-loved but perhaps lesser-known character. Silver has the same experience in the comics world, with his work on joker shows how adept he is at customizing a character with wicked tendencies. Meanwhile, Mixon is an exciting new voice that will bring a new perspective that is completely different from the other two writers. While there is still no guarantee that the spawn reboot will be made, it seems more likely now than in a long time.

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Source: THR



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