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Sopranos Star Reveals A Goodfellas Scene That Sent Him To The Hospital

Michael Imperioli shared a little-known story from the Goodfellas in a recent interview with Chris Wallace. Imperioli is best known for the role of Christopher Moltisanti in HBO’s the sopranos, but his career has spanned a wide range of spaces. He has appeared on Food Network’s Minced meat, released books as a fiction author and even plays guitar in the art rock band Zopa.

As for scripted on-screen activities, Imperioli has made scant appearances in television and movies since the Sopranos ended in 2007. He played the role of detective in Peter Jackson’s The beautiful bones and appeared in Spike Lee’s remake of the Korean movie Old boy. On television, he has had stints on long-running shows such as: Hawaii five-0 and Blue blood. But Imperioli remains most famous for his portrayal of Moltisanti in The Sopranos and his lesser role in the legendary gangster movie Good friends.


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Imperioli appeared on CNNs Who’s talking to Chris Wallace to reflect on some lesser-known stories from his career. One of these stories came from the set of the Martin Scorcese film Goodfellas, which follows a group of mobsters operating in New Jersey. In the scene in question, Imperioli had to fall back on a glass table after his character was shot. But when he fell through the table, he was cut by broken glass. Imperioli was taken to hospital, where nurses believed he had been shot because of the fake bullet holes in his chest from the film set. Imperioli’s snarky account can be read below:

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Three bullet holes in my chest and it’s Queens, New York. They think I’m going to die… So they put me on a stretcher, traumatize me, and I tell them what’s going on. They don’t want to listen to me. Finally they go into my shirt and see all the squibbing, the threads. I said, I told you, I’m working on a movie. I cut my fingers.

Will Michael Imperioli return to the world of the sopranos?

Imperioli is no stranger to dropping interesting tidbits. In a recent appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy FallonImperioli teased a new mystery script he’s working on The Sopranos creator David Chase. The mystery script comes in the wake of last year’s release of the Soprano .’s standalone film The many saints of Newark, in which Imperioli was featured as a ghost storyteller. The script would mark a third collaboration between the two sopranos alums, but does this new collaboration have anything to do with it? The Sopranos is still under discussion. Imperioli declined to comment on the subject of the new film. But his refusal to comment wasn’t exactly a denial, and colleague’s involvement sopranos actor Steve Schirripa (Bobby Baccala in the original series) only adds fuel to the flames. Any continuation of Imperioli and Schirripas sopranos characters should be set during or before the show’s original timeline, as both characters die late in the original show’s run.

sopranosRelated or not, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to imagine a gangster setting for Imperioli’s mysterious collaboration with Chase and Schirripa. After all, Imperioli got its start in the genre with the 90s Goodfellas. But Imperioli has also shown versatility over the years – most recently in HBO’s the white lotus, which premiered last Sunday. The subject of Imperioli’s mystery film remains silent for the time being. Until more information becomes available, gangster movie fans and sopranos fans will have to keep their fingers crossed.

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Source: CNN



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